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Benefits and methods of doing Guptasana

If you are also suffering from stress or any health-related problem then you can practice Guptasana. Learn here its benefits and how to do it.

To keep the body healthy and fit, one should do yoga and exercise regularly. There are many yoga asanas, which we ignore when we are not aware. But in reality, they are quite beneficial. Today we are talking about one such asana, whose name is Guptasana. You must have rarely heard about this yoga asana. Actually, Guptasana is not so famous or prominent as compared to other asanas. Therefore people do not know very much about it. Guptasana is also known as Hidden Pose. This asana is able to relieve you from many diseases. Along with being beneficial for your eyes, this asana also enhances the beauty of the skin. The continuous practice of this also improves your body posture. Have you ever tried this asana? If not, then through this article we will tell you about some of its benefits of it. 

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1. Helpful in reducing stress

Although there are many other asanas to reduce stress, Guptasana especially gets rid of stress by controlling your thoughts. Regular practice of this yoga asana for 15 to 20 minutes reduces your stress level to a great extent. And it is also considered very helpful for people suffering from depression and anxiety. And if you are also troubled by this problem, then practice this asana daily.

2. Helpful in following Brahmacharya

This yoga not only benefits you mentally but also gives you many benefits physically. With the help of this asana, you become able to follow Brahmacarya. And it keeps all the bad thoughts coming into your mind. By following Brahmacharya, you develop a source of energy in yourself. For this, it is necessary that it should be practiced every day by meditating.

3. Helpful in improving posture

Guptasana also improves your sitting posture. Along with this, it also cures pain in the body like joint and muscle pain. While doing this asana, you have to maintain the coordination of your spine and waist. Practicing sitting in this position greatly improves the posture of the body. And also provides relief from back pain and also maintains the strength of the spine.

4. Provide relief from urinary infection

Guptasana gives you relief from urinary tract infections. Generally, this infection can also be caused by exposure to bacteria or by using public restrooms. In such a condition, you can take the help of Guptasana to get rid of it. For this do this asana regularly.

5. Helpful in increasing eyesight

Guptasana also proves to be effective in increasing your eyesight. With regular practice, you can also remove your eyeglasses. Although it is not fully proven that its practice will definitely remove your glasses, it is very effective in improving your eyesight.

How To Do Guptasana:

  • To do this asana, first, sit straight on the ground. And during this, you have to keep your spine straight.
  • Then you have to sit with your legs crossed.
  • And it is necessary to cross the legs like a lotus, during this time your legs should not be visible while sitting.
  • For this, make a yoga mudra in your hands.
  • Then now you have to take a deep breath in and out. Also, sit in this posture for at least 2 minutes and repeat this exercise.
  • You have completed the practice of Guptasana.

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There are many benefits of doing Guptasana. If you are also struggling with stress etc., then you can definitely practice this asana. And if you are practicing this in any serious disease, then definitely consult a doctor once.

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