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Utthitha Hastapadanggusthasana Yoga benefits, methods, and precautions

At present, a healthy lifestyle is very important for your physical and mental development, but many people are unable to do yoga or exercise even to keep their body healthy because they say that they have a lot of time constraints. In such a situation, Utthita Hastapadanggusthasana Yoga is such an easy and time-saving exercise, with the help of which you can remain healthy. Utthita Hastapadanggusthasana yoga helps to keep your body balanced and also improves concentration. It also increases awareness through regular practice. The practice of this asana also stretches the muscles. Let us discuss in detail the benefits and methods of doing this yoga asana.

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Benefits of Utthita Hastapadanggusthasana yoga:

  • The practice of this asana strengthens the legs and also provides relief in pain.
  • This exercise is very beneficial for maintaining physical and mental balance.
  • This asana also enhances the ability to concentrate and concentration.
  • Apart from this, the respiratory process also improves.
  • This strengthens the muscles of the legs and thighs.

How to do Utthita Hastapadanggustasana yoga:

  • Before doing this exercise, you should come in Tadasana posture. And then take the breath in and bring the right leg up and bring the knee near the stomach.
  • Keep in mind that in this position you feel a stretch in your right hips and to maintain balance, focus your attention on the left leg.
  • After this, place your left hand on the waist and hold the right toe with the right hand, then extend the right foot forward. During this try to keep your body straight.
  • After this, while exhaling according to the convenience, touch your head with the knee. During this, keep breathing and exhaling. While inhaling, lift the head upwards.
  • Keep your eyes on the front and while exhaling, move the right leg outwards.
  • In this mudra, turn the head to the left and try to do this till your vision comes to your left shoulder. During this, keep breathing and keep exhaling.
  • Now inhaling you can come to your starting position. And while coming out of the posture, while breathing in, move the head back towards the front. Also your right leg.
  • Once again rest the head on the knee and move it back upwards but try not to breathe at this time.
  • Now keep the right hand on the waist but keep the right leg up. In this position, inhale five times and exhale.
  • To end this asana, lower your right leg and end the posture of Tadasana. The same process can now be repeated with the other leg.

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  • If you have any kind of pain in your lower back, ankle, or muscles, then do not do this yoga asana.
  • Do not do this exercise if there is a pain in the legs.
  •  While doing yoga, raise the legs according to your ability.
  • Do not push beyond your physical capacity.
  • For the first time, do Uttita Hastapadanggusthasana yoga under the supervision of a trainer.

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