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How To Apply For VETASSESS Priority Processing

If planning to Australian immigration through an assessment from VETASSESS, you must have heard of VETASSESS priority processing.

There must be lots of questions regarding this coming into your mind. For example, you must be thinking about how to use it, and what its benefits are. Taking your concern into account, we have written this article to educate you on the VETASSESS priority processing system. However, before that, we will tell you about the VETASSESS application process. So, invest your undivided attention to this article.

VETASSESS application process:

VETASSESS full skills assessment means assessing your qualifications and employment as per the nominated occupation.

Qualification assessment involves evaluating the educational level comparability of your qualifications as per the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Apart from that, it also involves determining the relevance of your qualifications for the nominated occupation.

Employment assessment involves determining if your work experience (either in Australia or overseas) is at an appropriate skills level. Besides that, your work experience also has to be relevant to your nominated occupation.

A positive assessment of both employment and qualifications is necessary for a successful VETASSESS skill assessment. This positive assessment can help you in Australian immigration.

What is VETASSESS priority processing?

VETASSESS Priority Processing is only for those applicants requiring a Full Skill Assessment for General Professional Occupations. For this, returning applicants having a previous full skills assessment are not eligible. In simple words, these applicants can’t apply for a Priority processing application under the same previously evaluated occupation.

The Priority Processing service offers agents/applicants the facility to fast-track the assessment of their application. They can do it for an extra fee. Confirmed eligible applications for Priority Processing take 10 business days for assessment. After that, an assessment outcome letter is available to download within 48 hours.

The 10 Business Days will start after:

VETASSESS has confirmed that the application satisfies the eligibility criteria for priority processing; and

Fee payment, which includes the appropriate GST (is applicable) is accepted.

VETASSESS needs up to 2 business days when receiving an application to review for suitability. The applicant will get a status update via email after this process is over.

Eligible applications have an assessment within 10 business days. On the other hand, the Priority Processing fee will be refunded in the two cases. The first one is if the application doesn’t satisfy the eligibility criteria. The second one is if the application can’t have an assessment within the nominated timeframe.

How to apply for VETASSESS Priority Processing?

  1. To be eligible for Priority Processing, you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria
  2. Application for Priority Processing should be online and cost $623 (excluding GST). Another thing to remember here is that Priority Processing is not for paper-based applications.
  3. Check on the VETASSESS website to confirm your eligibility for Priority Processing and understand the application process before applying. After reaching the Fees and Payment section of the online application, select the option for Priority Processing.
  4. After applying for Priority Processing, you will not have additional time for document upload. Therefore, make sure that you have gathered all the necessary documents. Apart from that, ensure that you have clearly understood the eligibility criteria for Priority Processing before applying.

VETASSESS interview: 

Sometimes, VETASSESS has to interview candidates as part of the Skills Assessment process for general professional occupations.

All candidates don’t need to go through this interview. However, in some cases, VETASSESS needs to have further clarification. For this, it has to speak to the applicant or their referee.

VETASSESS interview tips for applicants:

If you have to go through this interview, keep the following things in mind for a successful interview:

  1. If you get a call from your assessment officer, it doesn’t mean your application is at fault. Similar to this, getting a phone call doesn’t mean you have a guarantee of a positive result.
  2. If the assessment office calls you at an unsuitable time, you can request a call at another time.
  3. If not sure about a specific question, ask the officer to repeat it or clarify the question further.
  4. Don’t give incorrect or false information. Doing so may raise integrity concerns. After that, it can negatively affect your Skills Assessment result.
  5. Giving information concisely and accurately will make the interview process much smoother. So, be calm and find a quiet place for this.
  6. As per VETASSESS policy, interviews have to be in English, and no interpreter is allowed. Therefore, polish your English speaking skills.


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