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How to improve the graphics of your site?

Today there are many possibilities to create a beautiful site, with an eye to the layout.

The first step, however, is to know what you want . Define your project, take a pen and paper and draw it. You can get in touch with Graphic Designing Agency in Washington

Organize the home, the menu, the pages .

Decide where to place each element, what type of interaction you want to implement (whether to insert newsletters, comments, forms, widgets).

At this stage you will really have to imagine the site in its entirety.All the information you can put together in this way will also be very useful if you work with a professional graphic designer.

What elements do you need to consider for your graphics? 

The graphics of your site communicate your values ​​and those of your brand .To do it better and achieve your goals it is essential to take care of some elements.


Depending on the platform you use for your site, you can also choose a preset theme for your project .

There are free and paid ones. Usually the paid ones offer better assistance in the planning phase.If you are not sure which theme to use for your site, you could start by browsing through the ones proposed and get an idea of ​​what you like or don’t like.

In any case, remember to choose a responsive theme , that is a theme that automatically adapts also on tablets and mobile phones.


The layout is the set of characteristics that configure the interface of a site .

Take the drawing you made on the layout of the sections of the site and start thinking about the details:

  1. Color. It is one of the most important choices. You not only have to choose the color of your logo, but also the bold headings, buttons, footer, menu name, etc. We recommend a color in line with your marketing strategy . If you are not yet clear which shade to give to your site, you could get an idea by consulting the psychological interpretation of color ;
  2. Size of spaces. Evaluate the space that the text will have to occupy, whether to add various columns or sections;
  3. Menu. It is one of the main features of the site. You can choose to place it top, right, left. Organize the menu sections with clarity and synthesis, so that they favor the usability of the site;
  4. Font. It must reflect your intentions but without sacrificing legibility. It is always better to avoid too particular fonts, they could hinder the user’s reading;
  5. Logo. If you don’t have it yet, don’t waste any more time. The logo is on your priority list . As for the structure of the site or the choice of colors, it must reflect and communicate your values ​​and say who you are. Again, you can try sketching with pen and paper. In any case, a professional graphic designer will be able to direct you to the best.

Inner pages

Depending on what you want to achieve with your site and taking into account the characteristics of your brand, the number and content of the internal pages can vary.

In general, however, the inevitable main pages will be:

  • Home . It is the main page, the one that everyone will see as soon as they arrive on your site. It goes without saying that great graphics on this page are essential for the image you want to give of yourself. Each project has a different intention. Try to understand what yours is, add your own style and always make consistent choices. Always try to be objective, to avoid not very functional choices dictated by personal taste and not to abandon the creative line of the project;
  • Blog . Improve direct interaction with customers , then receive your audience in a welcoming space that also puts them at ease through images and colors;
  • About . That is the “who I am” page . People want to know who you are, who your brand is . Try to make a clear, short but original description, without missing some photos or images;
  • Contacts . Enter a contact form, but also the subscription to the newsletter and the related social pages . Be careful to have a graphic layout that is functional and simple for the user.


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