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Flawless skin

It took thirteen years to create the CryoPenTM, which is now the most innovative and technologically sophisticated equipment available for cryosurgery on the market today.

This device is used for the long-term removal of: 

Lesions such as freckles or black hyperpigmented spots


  •       Age/liver spots
  •       Warts of the Sebhorroeic Genus
  •       Milia
  •       Hands and feet affected with warts
  •       Angioma of the cherry (red blisters)
  •       Verrucas
  •       Skin tags


It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete this operation. When you make an appointment with one of our highly trained therapists, you can expect to have a comprehensive consultation either before the therapy or at a separate time, depending on your schedule.




Cryosurgery is the process of destroying undesired skin flaws by the controlled use of severe cold, which is created by liquid nitrous oxide. It is a treatment that is quick, effective, and risk-free.


The CryoPenTM is an advanced cryotherapy breakthrough that has been registered with both the FDA and the CE. A tool that resembles a pen that sprays a thin, pinpoint mist of liquid nitrogen at a constant temperature of minus 127 degrees and under high pressure. This provides the therapist with the ability to work with millimetre accuracy. This ensures that the nitrous oxide is only administered to the affected region and not to the healthy tissue that is located in the surrounding area.




A skin tag is a tiny flap of tissue that is attached to the skin by a stalk and hangs off the surface of the skin. Skin tags are not hazardous.


They are more common in women, particularly as they age or acquire weight, and can also occur in adults of advanced age. It is possible for the skin tag frequency to cause irritation if it is rubbed by jewellery or clothes.


Skin tags are more common in women than in males. Women are more prone to get skin tags.


Tags on the skin are typically little more than a few millimetres in diameter, although they can occasionally be significantly larger.


In most cases, you will discover them on the neck, in the armpits, around the groyne, or underneath the breasts.


They are also capable of developing beneath the creases of the buttocks or on the eyelids.


Using the CryoPen to remove skin tags does not result in the development of new ones.



Cryopen Coventry

These are frequent skin growths that can develop on almost any part of your body and are typically observed in individuals 30 years of age or older. Cherry angiomas have a ruddy hue because the blood vessels inside of them have cracked and bled.


Unless they bleed, change the form, or alter colour, there is no need to be concerned about them. The cause is unknown, however, it may be related to pregnancy, toxins, climate change, or ageing. There may also be a hereditary component.


The larger ones will shrink with time, but they may also get dry and develop a scab. When the wound is fully healed, the scab will either fall off or shrink in size, but it may require additional treatment.




On the surface of the skin, you may notice some pearly white or yellowish pimples. However, they can appear anywhere on the body. The skin surrounding the cheekbones, nose, eyes and eyelids, forehead, and chest are the most common places where they are found.


Using the CryoPen normally only requires one session for the removal of any pigmented areas that need to be addressed.


Spots that appear on the skin as a result of exposure to the sun or other sources of UV radiation, such as tanning beds, might be attributed to an increase in melanin synthesis that occurs naturally with age. They are more likely to appear on the parts of your skin that are subjected to the most direct sunlight. These parts of your body include your face, the backs of your hands, your chest, shoulders, and forearms.


The “slow freeze” method is utilised by over-the-counter medicines for the elimination of warts and verrucae such as Wartner and Bazuka. This method destroys the cells in the affected area. Because the cells have time to prepare a defence mechanism against the gradual freeze, the lesion takes a very long time to be eliminated, if it is eliminated at all.


The Cryopen destroys the nucleus of the cells it assaults by subjecting them to a rapid freezing temperature of -40 degrees Celsius for a period of 12 seconds. This eliminates the lesion, which could not defend itself against the onslaught. It is also believed that this process assists the immune system in recognising the virus, which may result in the patient having a lower risk of developing another verruca in the future.




In the week leading up to your visit, soak for five minutes each and every day.


After you have finished bathing, exfoliate or softly file your skin every day for the week leading up to your appointment.


If the wart or verruca is really large or has been there for a few years, you may need to have a second treatment in order to ensure that no viral cells have been left behind.


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