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The Best Gynaecologist To Relieve Cervicitis

Your cervix refers to a narrow passage that forms the lower portion of the womb/uterus. This region connects your uterus with the vagina. Inflammation of the area is known as cervicitis. However, the condition may/may not cause symptoms. Read on to get further insight into this health concern.

This condition is one of the common issues concerning female reproductive organs. Sexually transmitted diseases/STDs are not the only cause of such inflammation. Allergic reactions, injuries, or bacterial vaginosis can also lead to cervicitis in females. Reach out to the best gynaecologist in Siliguri in order to receive optimal treatments.

Knowing the Symptoms of Cervicitis

Symptoms of Cervicitis

In most cases, this condition makes no prominent signs. But given below are symptoms that you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Unusual vaginal discharge that may appear yellow, grey, or white
  • Painful intercourse
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful urination
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Irritation in the vagina
  • Bleeding after intercourse

Does Cervicitis Affect Fertility?

The organism that causes cervicitis may travel up to the other reproductive organs like the fallopian tubes, and uterus if it remains untreated. Such conditions can be responsible for resulting in PID/pelvic inflammatory disease. Fertility, therefore, pregnancy can be a concern in some cases.

Let your doctor know early on if you notice any of the above symptoms. Apart from these, practicing safe sex helps protect your well-being against STDs. Be sure to make use of condoms in order to safeguard yourself.

What Leads to Cervicitis?

The following are the most possible reasons for getting this inflammation:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STD/sexually transmitted diseases occur due to sexual contact in which bacteria, parasites, or viruses transfer from one body to another. The risk of getting STDs increases because of having multiple sexual partners, misusing recreational drugs, needle sharing, history of STDs, early age intercourse, etc.

Chemical Reaction

Due to an allergic reaction to contraceptive spermicides, douche, latex condoms, or feminine hygiene products, the likelihood of developing this concern uplifts. In other instances, using diaphragms, tampons, or cervical caps may irritate the region, leading to the growth of cervicitis.

Is Cervicitis a Contagious Condition?

It may so happen you pass the infection to your partner. Therefore, if you’ve been diagnosed with cervicitis, refrain from sexual activities as recommended by your gynaecologist. Take prescribed antibiotics only. Strategic lifestyle choices help heal the problem faster.

Diagnosis and Medical Care

In order to diagnose if you have cervicitis, your gyne doctor may go for a full pelvic exam along with specimen tests and a pap smear test. These diagnostic procedures help examine the severity of the condition. Once it completes, now you’re all set to receive medical care ensured by your gyne doctor.

For promising monitoring of health, your doctor may check if you have bleeding, redness in and around the area, and overall symptoms. Connect with the best IVF specialist in Siliguri if you’re planning an IVF baby. Early detection of the problem aids in promising improvements.

Cervicitis caused by STDs requires treatments. Doctors used to prescribe antibiotics to stop bacterial infections. Genital herpes causing cervicitis need antiviral meds. Laser therapy or even surgery is recommended by the specialist for some cases. Get expert advice so as to benefit your condition without further complications.

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