Guide to Mobile App Maintenance Cost in 2024

App maintenance consists of all the processes needed to keep an app working perfectly after its launch. Without the right updates and fixes, the app would fall into neglect and become an easy target for attackers.

It is an ongoing process that 48% of users consider crucial in their decision to continue using an app. Maintaining your app regularly is a good approach to identifying bugs and fixing them in time. It gives the necessary boost to monitor popular features and improve the ones that are not as commonly used.

An app that is updated and maintained frequently has a longer life than one that is not. Neglecting this step can result in a rapid decline in user satisfaction, In fact, a lack of mobile app maintenance is the main reason for uninstalling an app, according to 70% of people.

What Are the Factors that Affect App Maintenance Costs?

Maintenance involves many aspects that play a role in determining its cost, which are mentioned below. 

App Complexity

The app maintenance costs depend on the number of features and how complicated they are to incorporate. It has a direct impact on maintenance costs because complex apps with detailed functionalities need more time and resources for continuous operation.

Gaming apps containing interactive features, for instance, need developers to check for updates and bug fixes more frequently. In comparison, simple utility apps like calculators or recorders that do not contain more features do not demand maintenance as many times.

Technical Stack

The technologies you select for different development aspects have a direct influence on the maintenance costs as well. The talent pool of each technology is different, which means you may not always find it easy to locate skilled professionals, depending on your choice.

The final app may also have higher ongoing expenses due to licensing fees, which vary. Apps built on proprietary platforms tend to have higher maintenance costs than those based on open-source technologies.

Frequency of Updates

Apps that need updates more often will nearly always have higher maintenance expenses. If you decide to add new features or resolve existing issues, it is likely to cost more because these will require continuous development efforts. Some good examples of this are popular social media apps.

You may have noticed that apps like Facebook and Instagram are consistently optimizing apps and introducing new features to stay competitive. Maintenance may cost more for these apps, but it is worth the user retention.

Security Measures

The level of security implemented in an app also helps decide how much maintenance costs would  be. Apps require regular security audits to find out vulnerabilities. If there are security holes, those need updates and patches. Owners must also ensure compliance with data protection regulations. These are all aspects that add to maintenance charges – neglecting them may lead to huge financial losses if the issues are exploited by attackers.

What App Maintenance Costs Include

These are the major expenses that every maintenance and update process includes.

Development Team

One of the major contributions to the cost of app maintenance services includes the salaries of developers, QA engineers, and other team members. The rising demand for engineers is increasing competition among companies to hire them at higher wages. This is also resulting in more service costs.

Hosting and Infrastructure

It costs multiple resources to maintain servers, databases, and other infrastructure components. You may be considering cloud hosting services like Amazon Web Services if scalability is a concern, although it can contribute to costs based on usage. It is also extremely important to count the costs needed to optimize infrastructure based on app demand.

Updates and Patches

Developers take time to deploy the updates and patches necessary to fix bugs or introduce new features. Businesses spend several hours every week on patching, which may require multiple professionals and can get quite resource-intensive.

To Conclude

These are the biggest factors that contribute to mobile app maintenance costs. Make sure to explore each one carefully to understand why you have to consider them. 

You can also consult with an experienced service provider to uncover the exact cost of maintaining your app based on its complexity and features.

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