How to Fix Brother Printer Error Light Flashing?

Brother Printer Error Light Flashing

Brother printers are in high demand because of their large printing requirements. This is the reason that most companies prefer Brother printers. However, printer issues are possible at any time and flashing the Brother printer error light could aid you in understanding what’s happening. The trick to the LED or error light that is on your Brother Printer is the fact that it blinks in a different manner depending on the issue.

Printer Repairs Dubai experts reported that error lights that flash blinking indicate a low level of toner. In contrast it is possible that the Brother Printer error lights could be blinking four times in succession which indicates that something is going wrong within the cartridge. However, this isn’t the end of the story. There are additional indicators that the error LED could display, and you need to act accordingly for a speedy solution.

It isn’t easy. Also, working with problems with a printer can be quite stressful especially in an office. There’s a lengthy waiting list before the printer and chaos is likely to ensue without a doubt. Here are the steps you must take when you notice that the Brother printer error light blinks in a variety of ways. We can fix your printer’s Brother errors.

Brother Printer Error Light Keeps Blinking

To clarify It is true that there is a second LED that’s on the Brother primer. It’s known as”The Ready LED. There is a chance that the Ready LED is working perfectly, however it’s error light is blinking. The first time we’ve encountered the Brother Error Light on the printer is when it flashes at intervals of 1.5 seconds.

This could mean the possibility of an issue with the printer’s toner. The toner could be depleted in ink. You should check the cartridge’s toner in order to be in good hands. Check the printer’s instruction manual to know about the removal of the toner as well as the replacement methods.

Be sure to opt for genuine and authentic toner cartridges that are able to be replaced. In the event of a mishap, your printer may not work as each printer has its own requirements.

Replace the toner if it is very low on ink. It is possible to replace the toner using the mode of Stop or Continue. In other cases, the toner may have moved from its initial position. Examine the toner and then place it back in its original place. Check the Brother printer to determine if the error light on your Brother printer is flashing or not.

Brother Printer Error LED Flashes 3 Times in a Row

A few users have complained about some users have complained that Brother printer error light flashes three times and then goes off for a moment. Then, it begins to blink 3 times over and over. Furthermore the Ready light stays off.

If you’re in the same issue then you need to examine the drum of your printer and be reminded by Printer Repairs Dubai professionals. The drum may be filthy, which is the reason why you’re seeing the Brother Error Light on the printer flashes 3 times.

Clean Corona Wire

However it could be caused by the corona wire that is dirty from the drum within the printer. To fix this issue follow the steps below:

  1. Your printer should be cool enough prior to beginning the process. You should leave your printer on for at least 10 minutes.
  2. After that Press the release button of your printer to unlock the front panel of your Brother printer. Check to see if the internal components of the printer are cool enough to be able to feel.
  3. Then, remove the drum assembly and the toner from the printer. Set the unit in a dry piece of paper. There is a chance that the parts have ink, and this can cause anything to become filthy. Keep the paper nearby to put the unit in.
  4. It is important to ensure that you don’t breathe in the toner when you remove it. Additionally make sure you don’t touch the electrodes.
  5. The green tab of the drum from side one to the next. The drum unit will be cleaned internally. corona wire that runs through the drum. There is no need for cleansing wipes or solutions to clean the wire. solutions that are containing ammonia as well as alcohol can cause damage to the unit’s drum. Therefore, avoid doing this.
  6. After moving the tab repeatedly here and there then return it to its normal position and it will snap back. If not, the printer will print and you will see an upward-facing line on each print.
  7. Return everything to the original order within your printer. Shut the front lid. Then, look to see whether you can see if the Brother Printer error lamp is flashing.

What if it Doesn’t Help

Maybe the corona wire is not clogged. The printer counter to the drums is the problem. To fix this issue Open the cover on the front of the Brother printer. Click the Clear button while the cover of your printer is open. Tap the 1 to confirm there’s a drum within the printer. The printer’s display will display ‘Accepted’ when the printer has been an accomplishment.

If you have the Brother printer with touchscreen capabilities and you want to test different methods. Stop the drum error by pressing the Stop or Exit option. Next, select to activate the Menu option. Utilize the navigation arrows, like those that go up and down to get to the menu option known as Machine Info.

Know about- Somatic Nervous System.


Select the option and then select the Reset Menu option. Afterwards, opt for Drum. A prompt will be displayed to determine if you would like for the drum to be reset. Choose Yes and then take a few minutes. After that, you are able to press the Exit or Stop button.

The Error Light Blinks 4 Times

The Brother printer could be suffering from an error with the cartridge. Make sure the cartridge is correctly set up. Additionally the open cover of the printer could result in the same result. Close the lid and see whether the Brother error light for the printer is continuing to flash four times in succession.

In the event that your printer’s memory gets already full If the printer’s memory is full, then the error light will blink four times in succession. Press the Job Cancel button on your Brother printer to clear some of the memory on the printer. Also, you can adjust how your printer’s settings are set for resolution. It should also resolve the problem.

Brother Printer Error Light Flashing Twice

This is a sign that your printer is experiencing issues with paper jams and also issues related to the paper type. If you see the signs, look at the tray of paper and check for a paper jam in the tray.

Additionally it is possible that the printer will display the same problem when it cannot find an acceptable paper to print. Also, it could have paper in the tray. So, make sure you feed enough paper into the tray to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Summing up ….

In addition, you may find that you might notice that Brother Printer error lights and the ready light are both blinking. It’s a signal from the system and you must get help from an expert. Consider Printer Repairs Dubai services if there is no solution that seems to be useful.

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