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Can A General Dentist Do Invisalign?

It is unusual to find a dentist that would treat a patient’s crooked teeth using the typical metal and plastic braces that have been used for decades. In most cases, only orthodontists can properly fit patients with metal, ceramic, or lingual braces. However, there are more methods available to straighten teeth than these two. Invisalign is one of the most effective and widely used orthodontic treatment options. Patients often pose the question, “Perform I need to locate an orthodontist, or can a regular dentist do Invisalign?” to their dental professionals.

Invisalign is available from orthodontists as well as ordinary dentists these days. It is beneficial to have an understanding of how Invisalign works and the most effective method for selecting a provider before scheduling an appointment with any of the aforementioned professionals.

What Exactly Are Invisible Braces, And How Do They Work?

Invisalign is a removable, transparent plastic teeth-straightening appliance. Lab technicians utilise a 3D picture of a patient’s teeth to build a set of plastic moulds or trays. The patient puts the trays over his or her upper and lower teeth and wears them for around 22 hours every day. They remove them to eat, drink, brush and clean their teeth. The trays are replace every two weeks with the following set in the series.

The trays exert moderate pressure on the teeth to reposition them into the appropriate position. In nine to twelve months, on average, the teeth will be straighten. Invisalign therapy is often chosen over conventional braces for many important reasons. First, the trays are transparent, making them less conspicuous than metal braces. In addition, the fact that they are removable provides more flexibility than braces, which are bond to the teeth. And, because they are smooth, most patients find them more pleasant than braces. Whose wires and brackets may scrape and tear the lips and gums.

Invisalign cost Surrey is affordable and takes less time. However, it could be ineffective for extreme instances of misalignment and crookedness.

Do You Think You Could Benefit From Invisalign Treatment?

Going to the dentist is always the initial step in the process of having any kind of teeth straightening done. No matter what kind of dentist a patient visits—a general dentist or a family dentist—the patient is in the greatest position to decide which course of treatment will provide the most favourable outcomes. There are certain issues with teeth alignment that cannot be correct with Invisalign. It demonstrates favourable outcomes concerning slight to moderate crookedness, crowding, and gaps.

People who have had braces in the past but whose teeth have moved ever so little might also benefit from this treatment. On the other hand, braces are often suggest as the best method for straightening out teeth that are excessively crook or correcting malocclusions such as an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. The patient will be able to be sent to an orthodontist if the dentist determines that the best solution to the condition is to wear braces. If the Invisalign treatment is successful, there is a considerable probability that they will be able to take care of it themselves at their dentist’s office.

The Importance Of Understanding What It Means To Be An Invisalign Provider

No matter what kind of dental practice Surrey a patient sees, their Invisalign alignment trays are always fabricated in an Invisalign lab. This is true regardless of where the patient receives their treatment. The dentist or orthodontic office performs the 3D imaging procedure. And the data is then transfer to the firm for processing. Together with the patient’s trays, the Invisalign team develops an individualised treatment strategy for the patient.

When a general dentist or an orthodontist makes the decision that they would want to provide their patients with Invisalign. They must first go through the process of becoming a Certified Invisalign Provider. They are educate about the product and shown how to deliver it to their patients in a training session. Checkups will take place at various points throughout therapy with the attending physician. Because of their expertise, they will be able to evaluate the patient’s development and identify any issues that may occur as a result of the teeth moving.

When Invisalign specialist has attain their certification, they are then place in a rating according to the number of Invisalign patients they have successfully treat. When it comes to Invisalign, a dentist or orthodontist’s score improves in direct proportion to the number of patients from adults to teens they successfully treat.

Dentists Versus Orthodontists: Who Provides Better Invisalign Treatments And Why?

Because orthodontists and general dentists have the same training to utilise Invisalign. There is no distinction between the two in terms of quality of care. Instead, it is up to the individual patient to choose the treatment that will benefit them the most. Convenience is increase while obtaining Invisalign and attending follow-up sessions when the treatment is perform by a general dentist, particularly if the dentist is the patient’s primary dentist. They just need to make one trip to the dental practice Surrey to have their teeth cleaned, have dental procedures such as fillings, have their teeth whitened, and have their teeth aligned.

When a patient gets Invisalign from a general dentist, the dentist is already acquainted with the patient’s dental health history, which is another benefit of this method. They will have records of previous dental issues, dental procedures, and reconstructions. Which may assist them to give more comprehensive treatment. These data will be keep by the dentist.

Straightening crooked teeth with the help of Invisalign is a common option these days. Patients don’t necessarily need to locate an orthodontist to receive it. Which is part of the reason why it’s so appealing. Not only is it possible for a general dentist to do Invisalign. But the patient may find that doing so is in their best interest. To know more about Invisalign, schedule your free consultation with our dental practice in Surrey today. 

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