How to Make Organza Bags and What Items You Can Put Inside Them?

If you’re hosting a party at your home then you must be discerning about how to pack the gifts. Usually, return gifts are somewhat small and sweet, so if you have selected your small gift, then you must be thinking about an easy and casual way to pack them.

The easiest method to pack the small gift stuff is by using the colorful organza gift bags. It is ideal to find online wedding and craft product suppliers for buying tulle fabric, organza fabric, lace fabric, deco mesh, chair cover, table runners, and many others at affordable prices. Below, I’m going to share some tips for making organza [arty bags at home.

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Materials That You Will Need:

  • Two pieces of colorful organza fabric from around
  • Eyelets and punch
  • Ribbons, raffle, twine, etc.
  • Thread corresponding to the color of the fabric
  • Scissors and sewing pins


  • Start by placing the right side of the material together and stitch along leaving 1.5cm.
  • After that, turn the left side out and your bag form is ready.
  • Make the hem at the topmost by only folding the unknotted part.
  • Punch a hole at two consistently spaces.
  • Thread the ribbon over the eyelets. Your bag is prepared to be occupied with goodies.

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What Favors Can You Place in Organza Party Bags?

If you have twisted organza party bags to stuff extravagances in them, the next stage is to reflect on the goodies that you can place in them. In the organza party bags, you can keep small and non-perishable gift stuff effortlessly. Though there isn’t any stiff and fast rule regarding what you can place in a bag, still, you can complement the following things in your vivacious organza bags.

  • Candy Packets

If you are organizing your kid’s birthday festivity or a baby shower then these organza party bags are a very arranged choice to keep as return gifts. Buy dissimilar flavors of candies and make multi-flavored candy bags. Furthermore, the colorful organza candy bags appear very gorgeous and attractive. Though, when you are putting candies in organza bags ensure to not pack those candies which can be melted.

  • Handmade Soap Sets

When you are making sweet DIY gifts for your friends and family like handcrafted soap sets, then organza bags will help to make your gift more superior. You can make aromatic and therapeutic soap sets at home using dissimilar healing aromas like Himalayan salt, Cinnamon, etc. For such astonishing homemade gifts, the DIY organza party bags are just flawless almost like a match completed in heaven!

These are some tips for making beautiful organza bags. You can find a reliable fabric store for buying cheap organza bags, lace fabrics, chair covers, table skirts, and many others at reasonable prices.


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