What is the protective packaging? In a broad sense, this is one or more means (materials) for protecting the product itself and the environment from negative mutual effects and losses, as well as simplifying the storage, transportation (transportation) and sale of specific products. The container is an integral part of the packaging, which usually contains less bulky products. There are many types of it: boxes, bags, boxes, cans, and others.

Every customer knows what packaging is for. The main thing is to conveniently and safely carry or transport products. Its second purpose is protection from ultraviolet radiation, moisture, and other aggressive factors.    Thirdly, to present the goods in a favorable light to sellers. However, this is not a complete list of the main properties or tasks that the packaging material solves. Let’s try to understand this in more detail.


The purpose of the package is determined by the functions for which it is intended:

  • Transport – optimization of the convenience of transportation (carrying) of various goods by specific modes of transport.
  • Protective – protection of products for a certain period under specific conditions from damage under the influence of aggressive environmental factors and vice versa.
  • Ecological – protecting nature from the harmful effects of a large number of poorly decomposing packaging materials by reducing the time for assimilation (assimilation) by the environment.
  • Informational – providing data on the product’s characteristics and properties to facilitate the buyer’s choice. In addition to the mandatory information, advertising, decoration, etc., are allowed.
  • Operational – ease of handling when sorting, storing and selling. User-friendliness.
  • Marketing – ensuring the impact on sales through an attractive design, convenient form, high-quality printing, bright logos, and other advertising techniques.

Along with the main ones, there are also additional packaging functions. Among them is dosing, which allows you to determine the required or optimal amount of the product.

The Britwrap protective packaging company is engaged in producing various types of packaging materials with delivery throughout USA. The range of products can be found on the corresponding page. To ask questions and apply, request a call. The manager will promptly advise and make a special offer.

Protective packaging for fragile goods

In one way or another, almost all logistics companies deal with the issues of transportation of items of increased fragility. The demand for such services is created by manufacturers of expensive medical equipment, lighting devices, video equipment, electronics, and antique dealers. However, with insufficiently reliable cargo protection, the seller risks losing a large client and a considerable amount. Therefore, the protective packaging market offers a wide range of solutions to this problem.

The flagship in this segment today is molded foam packaging. Principle of operation: foam of a special composition fills the bag, and the object is placed between two such bags. The foam quickly hardens to conform to the object’s shape and provides reliable protection against impact, moisture, temperature changes and other transport hazards. In addition, such packaging weighs almost nothing.

Britwrap equipment is a product of one of the European leaders in protective packaging. The machine produces the number of protective foam bags that are needed at the moment. Significant space savings as well as optimization of the entire process. Compared to alternative systems, Britwrap uses up to 45% less material due to high-quality components.

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