Scootin’ into the New Year: The Best Electric Scooters for Sale in Canada

Electric scooters can help you get from point A to point B while simultaneously reducing your emissions and conserving your energy. But with so many models to choose from, it’s tough to know which one is best for you. We’ve rounded up the most exciting electric scooters on the market in Canada right now so you can find the right one with ease. See what we found below, and have fun scooting into 2019!

E-TWOW Booster Plus V2

The E-TWOW Booster Plus V2 is a high-performance electric scooter with a powerful 500W brushless motor, and lithium battery and offers speeds up to 22km/h. It’s designed with excellent handling, stability, and comfort in mind so that you can enjoy the ride!

The dualtron Victor is another great option if you’re looking for a really fast electric scooter. With an impressive top speed of 25 km/h it’ll take you from point A to point B quickly, but keep in mind that this scooter is only suited to flat surfaces. If you’re looking for something more versatile then this may not be your best choice.


E-TWOW’s GT Sport is a well-designed and easy-to-use electric scooter that’s perfect for getting around town or commuting.

It has a max speed of 40 km/h, meaning you can zip around the city with ease. Plus, it only takes about two hours to charge and offers a range of up to 25 km!

The E-TWOW GT Sport can accommodate riders who are between 120 cm (4 ft) and 190 cm (6 ft 3 in), which makes it a good choice if you’re taller than average.

This scooter also includes an LED headlight, luggage rack, suspension system, and front shock absorber so you won’t be tossing around like crazy when riding on bumpy roads!

Inokim Light 2

The Inokim Light 2 is a fantastic electric scooter at an affordable price. With a top speed of 18 km/h and a range of 50 km, this scooter is great if you want to get around town.

It’s also lightweight and can be folded up with one hand, making it easy to carry or store when not in use. Plus, it comes with a dual braking system and shock-resistant suspension to make your ride even smoother. This electric scooter also has LEDs for safety at night, which is perfect for any time of year!

Kaabo Mantis

Kaabo has been making electric scooters since 2010 and is a Canadian company that prides itself on creating high-quality products.

They offer 4 different models of electric scooters, all of which are great options. There’s the dualtron thunder 2, dualtron ultra 2, dualtron victor, and kaabo mantes.

For those looking for a more high-end option with some added power, you can get a dualtron thunder 2 or dualtron ultra 2 that goes up to 23 km/h (14 mph). These models are great if you’re commuting regularly or just want that extra burst of power available when needed.

Ninebot by Segway ES4

If you’re looking to buy an electric scooter, then Segway’s ES4 is worth considering. It has a range of 30 km (18.6 miles) which is great if you need to commute to work or school, and it charges in less than two hours so it’s quick too.

There are a few other features that make this scooter stand out from the rest: its ergonomic design makes it easy to use and its speed reaches more than 25 km/h (15 mph). All this makes this one of the best electric scooters for sale in Canada.

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