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Latest Technology Used in The Video Games

Can you imagine your life without games? Without a doubt, your life would be as boring as plain bread with games. The gaming industry is evolving at a neck-breaking pace in parallel to technological innovations and advancements. The journey from classic games to console games that most of the 90s kids have grown up with was a ride. Needless to say, the gaming industry has gone a long way. There are a plethora of ways people can play games in this modern age.

Who would have ever thought that there would be a time. When we would be able to play huge games from our smartphone devices? Asia, as of 2021, accounted for more than 1.29 billion mobile gaming users. More than 48% of mobile gaming audiences from all around the world. Similarly, Europe was ranked second with almost 551.7 million smartphone gaming users. Without a doubt, the mobile game development industry is the top-grossing segment around the globe. 

Here are some latest technologies which are used in mobile games. So without wasting a single moment, let’s flick through each one of them.

More satisfactory Graphics and Resolution 

Back in the good old days, the maximum resolution quality brought by DVD format was already amazing. Which was only 480 pixels. Nonetheless, the latest technologies in gaming and entertainment are evolving with the passage of time. Resulting in resolution peaks getting higher and higher. The latest gaming consoles and televisions have native hardware support for 7680 x 4320 pixels. It might 8K Ultra HD resolution in this modern tech-oriented world.

That is twice as much as the 4k format, which has been gaining more popularity over years. Both Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, as well as Sony’s PlayStation 5, have support for this. For the time being, we probably have to wait a little longer to experience a mobile game in 4k or 8k, despite the fact that there are such smartphones available in the market that support 8K recording. 

Bitcoin Casinos 

With the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the market. Almost every online gambling application and website have initiated to embrace it. People from all across the world are investing in cryptocurrencies by various means and are attaining knowledge about them. Games that possess features of bitcoin casinos are not different from usual online casinos.

What makes online bitcoin casinos special is that they offer better anonymity, customer privacy. Transparency with digital currencies as a form of payment. There would be no wrong in saying that Bitcoin casino is an appropriate form of online betting for someone. Who is extremely sensitive with their personal information being utilized by online services. 

Cloud Gaming Technology 

Since there is already an immersive selection of mobile games with eye-popping high-quality graphics comparable to a console game or PC, mobile gamers still search for particular titles which are exclusively available outside of smartphone devices for now. Cloud computing technology is here to solve this problem. 

Cloud gaming technology allows gamers to access a console game or PC through the server of a service provider remotely and play it through another computer or smartphone device. Despite its existence, there are still a plethora of problems that are required to be ironed out, for example, the problem of input lag. Hence the technology is still under development and will play a pivotal role in revamping the future of the mobile gaming industry. 

Augmented Reality 

If virtual reality (VR) is “living” in the world of the game, augmented reality (AR) is all about the emergence of the real world and the gaming world. One of the most relatable and best examples of augmented reality (AR) is none other than Pokemon Go. This famous game allows players to hunt as well as catch Pokemon situated in real-world locations. Those pokemon are presented within the environment with the help of AR technology even when those Pokemon are not real, tangible beings. 

Virtual Reality 

The role of virtual reality technologies is not new in the gaming industry. In virtual reality, players get to jump into an immersive experience of the game world with the help of a VR device. Gamers wear such devices over their head that offer 360 degrees of audio and video, simulating a total experience of the game. Virtual reality technology is also playing a pivotal role in mobile games, although the selection of games and apps for it is very limited. Did you know that Google released an affordable virtual reality mobile gear called Google Cardboard? A plethora of VR games is also available in the Google Play Store, although gaming developers are still far from achieving ultra-realistic quality of gaming for smartphone devices. 

Wrapping Up

With the abrupt evolving scope in mobile game development, the industry has faced innumerable obstacles as companies require continually upgrading the experience and features they offer according to the modern application of technologies. At the heart of it all, mobile game developers are required to use the market demands and trends.

Furthermore, they are also required to integrate advanced tech platforms in unique combinations and functionalities. It provides fantastic and enthralling game features catering to changing expectations of gamers. Hence, the tech world requires to be open for more compelling solutions, new strategies, and appealing technologies that continue to unfold the gaming industry’s future. 

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