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Reasons Influencer Marketing Is The Right Step For Brand Awareness

Reach New Target Audience Instantly

The behavior of consumers who spend more time online makes you rack your brain to reach them.

In the past, maybe advertisements on TV and billboards were the brand’s choice to market their products widely. However, nowadays consumers are no longer watching TV. They prefer to search for something through smartphones in their daily life.

Influencers have the advantage of being present through the daily routine of customers on social media in their own way. You will have the opportunity to increase brand awareness among the audience; especially among people who spend a lot of time online.

brand awareness with influencers reaching audiences instantly


As mentioned above, influencer marketing is not just a one-night promotion. By working with influencers in the long term, the opportunity to increase brand awareness is more effective.

Long-term collaboration with influencers can generate positive perceptions, because today’s audience has also become smarter in knowing which ones are authentic and which are just promotional.

For example, influencer A today mentioned that product B is his favorite product, and this has been mentioned repeatedly for 6 months. Audiences will believe more because influencers don’t easily turn to product C and say that this is their favorite product in just 2 weeks.

With long-term collaboration, influencers can also influence the audience’s sense of loyalty to your product.

For the same reason, followers will tell their friends and family about the brands they inspire on social media, especially if you have a strong community.

Ready to Increase Brand Awareness with Influencer Marketing?

To make your audience aware of you, you need to be present in their lives and try to solve the problems they face. This can help draw attention to your brand and also build awareness by leveraging the power that influencers have over their followers.

Do you have questions about influencer marketing for brand awareness? Or maybe you are still confused whether this is the right step for your business? You can consult with us.

What Are Influencers and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Here are some of the benefits you can get when you work with an influencer:

  1. Make Your Product the Center of Attention

You can quickly make your product the center of attention. The trick is to take someone who is going viral as your influencer.

You certainly know the figure of Neti Herawati or known as Bude Sumiyati. Starting from a funny tweet on Twitter and then growing on Instagram, Bude Sumiyati’s name is increasingly popular. His followers are increasing day by day.

This moment is used by Netflix Korea by pointing it out to promote the product. On Netflix Korea’s own Twitter account, Bude Sumiyati’s video has been watched by more than 300 thousand people.

In essence, every activity of an influencer is always the center of attention of his followers.

The example above proves that you don’t have to use premium influencers when promoting products to hit the market. In fact, if you are targeting a specific community, using micro-influencers is certainly more appropriate.

  1. Make Consumers More Trust Your Products

If you promote products conventionally, it will take a relatively long time to convince your potential customers. However, when using a public figure, consumer confidence in a product can be directly formed.

The reason is that they have experience and expertise in a particular field.

If they use your product, it is very easy for their followers to trust your product more.

In fact, 53% of female consumers make a product purchase after seeing a post from an influencer.

  1. Boost Sales

The more people who know about your product, the more likely it is that sales will be generated.

Let’s take the example of the influence of Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry.

At an event at Buckingham Palace this year, Megan wore a gorgeous gold brocade gown. What happened next? In just 24 hours, there was a 500% surge in demand for brocade clothes!

This kind of thing causes business people like Hartiman to believe in the ability of an influencer.

Hartiman is a clothing entrepreneur from Bandung, NOMI. Hartiman said that the sales of the NOMI brand managed to increase after collaborating with Indie musicians from Japan and Indonesia. He has even succeeded in opening outlets in Japan for his various clothing products.

  1. Reach More Consumers

Some business owners tend to promote their products through advertisements, either in print or electronic media. Unfortunately, there are some people who choose to “skip” the ad.

This is where the role of influencer marketing can “fill the gap”.

Currently, the number of active social media users in Indonesia reaches 150 million people, with an average access time of almost 3.5 hours every day!

If product marketing is done using influencers through social media, blogs or YouTube, of course, it can reach more consumers.

For example, the brand Paco Rabbane Parfums collaborated with Chez Rust, a male model, to promote their products through Instagram. As a result, the increase in Paco Rabbane Parfums’ Instagram followers reached 42.786%!.

By appointing a public figure who is able to present interesting content, information about your product will certainly not be “missed”. This means that the opportunity to reach more consumers can be achieved easily.

  1. Build Closeness with Consumers

Using an influencer marketing strategy can build consumer engagement with your brand. However, you must be observant in choosing the right person for your product’s target market.

One way to build intimacy is to use public figures who really like your product.

Keep in mind that premium influencers do not always guarantee the success of your marketing given the possibility of having fake followers.

In fact, most micro-influencers tend to use a product before recommending it.

For their followers, this is certainly more engaging, because it is more real. With this condition, the closeness of consumers with these products can be built stronger.

Not only that, by using social media, two-way communication can be created. This provides an opportunity for followers to confirm the correctness of the recommendations given by the influencer in question.

  1. Tend to be easy to return on investment

Using influencer marketing to promote products is a business investment. Fortunately, your chances of getting a return on investment (ROI) are quite large.

What is a big ROI for influencers? In essence, this means that you can more easily get your capital back.

In fact, one study found that influencers can achieve an ROI 11 times greater than banner ads.

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