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Fall Makeup Trends to Try with a Winged Stamp Eyeliner

What’s the secret to creating your best fall makeup looks this year?

1. Find your holy grail of complexion and winged stamp eyeliner products.

2. Perfect their techniques.

3. Stay dedicated to skin care.

It’s that easy. With that in mind, here are a few makeup tips and trends to try as you venture out into the crisp fall weather.

Dewy Golden Hour for Your Complexion

A natural golden glow offers the perfect fall vibe. It starts with skin care that prioritizes hydration. Before applying makeup, try spritzing with a hydrating face mist. This is an ideal fall treatment because the skin tends to dry out more this time of year. High-quality ingredients like organic roses, hyaluronic acid, and saffron are excellent for improving skin tone and elasticity. A premium product will help create a dewy, supple, glowy look that’s harder to achieve in the cooler months. You can also take your hydrating mist with you on the go when you need an instant glow-up. When you stay dedicated to hydrating skin prep, your makeup looks even more beautiful.

Black Winged Stamp Eyeliner and Red Lips

For a more glamorous look appropriate for fall (and winter), it’s time for a sleek winged eyeliner and red lip combo. Think about this look with your favorite fall clothing materials like soft velvet, warm merino wool, and textured gabardine. Create your makeup look with an effortless winged stamp eyeliner and your favorite shade of red lipstick. Eyeliner stamps are a real game-changer when it comes to creating the perfect wings every time. Look for a winged stamp eyeliner equipped with a wing-shaped stamp and a thin eyeliner felt tip. Find one in one convenient, waterproof, vegan eyeliner pen for an effortless payoff.

Lived-In Eyeliner with Soft Bronzed Cheeks

If you’re in the mood for an edgier fall look, you could try smokey eyes with eyeliner blurred with powder eyeshadow. You still want your smudged look to be purposeful, so choose an eyeliner that stays put after you create the look you’re going for. For your cheeks, it’s about getting the perfect cream bronzer and cream highlighter duo in one easy compact. With one gorgeous product, you can effortlessly get the glow you desire. Simply sweep the cream bronzer across your cheekbones with a brush and blend. Then use a fingertip to pat and blend the cream highlighter over the top. A little goes a long way—this is where it pays to invest in a product with a high payoff. All-cream products give your complexion that clean look, too.

Eyeshadow Layering with Cream Eyeshadow Sticks

No lid primer is needed when you find yourself luxurious cream eyeshadow sticks. Select a few versatile colors designed to pair well together. A warm and sparkly golden brown is a beautiful choice for fall. Another pretty color for the season is a platinum plum hue with a metallic touch. Use one color below the crease and the complementary color above the crease. A swipe-and-go eyeshadow stick with a built-in brush is super easy to use. You’ll then use your fingertip to blend around the edges. What about a pearl-colored cream eyeshadow stick to use either on your lids or in the corners of your eyes—or even as a highlighter?

You don’t need to devote much time to achieving beautiful makeup looks this fall. You do, however, need gentle products that take out the guesswork, offer great payoff, and feel luxurious to wear every time.

About Lyda Beauty

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