Assessing the Scope of Using Drones in Civil Infra Sector

The use of drones is literally everywhere. Available in high price and low, for specific professional need or just for some customised use, they are definitely the decade’s new tech toy.

For the majority of civil infrastructure projects, the use of UAV solutions like drones are becoming popular. The surveying outcomes with the use of drones and many new ideas of using this equipment are emerging with passing time.

We at Dutco Tennant LLC supply leading aerial mapping solutions featuring drone products specifically designed for civil infrastructure projects. If you wish to learn more or want to see the products up close and personal then make sure to visit this year’s WETEX 2022 where Dutco will exhibit its products range. The three-day event will begin from 27th September ‘22 and remain till 29th September ‘22.

Before you go, here’s a brief article to learn about the scope of drones in the civil infrastructure projects and how significant their use can be. Continue to read till the end to know more.

What do we know about Drones?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that also include drones are able to deliver invaluable aid and cost savings along with expansive views of inaccessible and otherwise hard to reach sites.

They help in indicating the optimised access areas and even any concerning or potential hazards. Drones are capable of offering 360° panoramas and overhead perspective to relay a real-time scenario. Engineering teams are equipped to make viable decisions and prioritise their approaches with this input.

Additionally, with drones, operators can share the imaging captured with the personnel on site, even in headquarters and sub-contractors. Planners of the project can discuss this data virtually as every team has access to them.

Surveying Results Optimised

There is no denying to the fact that drones are considered to be a quantum leap in the field of surveying. They offer eyes that can reach tough spots and hover over specific areas. The height and camera on drones can be adjusted to make the most out of it.

Along with their sensors, the drones can even measure, transmit and store valuable data. Here are some of the ultimate benefits that can be only achieved with the use of drones.

Maintenance of Safe Survey Enviro犀利士

Drones and their remote controlling abilities offer a major advantage in maintaining a safe environment during survey mapping. Drones perform the functions of monitoring locations, notifying threatening conditions, communicating potential hazards, etc.

Improved Quality of Aerial Imaging

Drone technology has come a long way and the drone solutions today are more advanced with high resolution cameras furnished on them. Additionally with top-notch sensors equipped, the drones of today are able to capture excellent aerial images and even videos.

They are designed to collect large volumes of accurate and real-time data. These data obtained can be transformed into 3D modelling or 3D mapping for the synthesis of complete analysis.

Cost Efficient Outcomes

Since the applicability of drones are quite extensive, their cost also drives towards being budget-friendly. Even with high-end drones, professionals can achieve so much that the traditional surveying equipment can never offer.

Therefore, even if the initial price might seem expensive, the long-term results of using drones are cost-efficient.

Easy to Control & Deploy

There have been significant advancements in drone regulating technology which enables operators to rapidly deploy and operate drones.

Drones are equipped with a comprehensive range of movement, take flights in all directions and can even navigate effortlessly when in contrast to a crewed aircraft.


If you are interested to learn more about surveying solutions and the use of drone technology in the civil infrastructure sector then make sure to visit this year’s WETEX 2022 which will be starting from 27th September 2022. The Dutco Tennant LLC exhibit will bring renowned suppliers of UAV drone solutions where visitors will get the opportunity to attend live demonstration of products, interact with expert representatives and meet with industry experts.


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