4 Actionable Strategies To Conquer Trigonometry Proving

Strategies To Conquer Trigonometry Proving

Trigonometry Identity Proving is a common question in the O-Level Additional Maths syllabus. According to the best ideas associated with trigonometry assignment help services, even the mention of ‘trigo proving’ would often cause high school students to break out in cold sweats. This is mainly because trigonometry proving problems do not have a standard ‘plug and play’ method of solving, unlike most A-Math topics. Generally, most students adopt a ‘Walk one step, watch one step’ approach to solving these vital questions.

Though each question is unique, there are numerous ‘rules of thumb’ which students can follow not to get lost in the trigonometry multiverse. Today’s article will walk you through certain precious hacks and strategies. That will enable you to conquer Trigo proving problems like a pro.

Always Begin From The More Complex Side

If the words of top take my online class for me stalwarts are anything to go by, it is essential to start from either the left-hand side or the right-hand side to prove a trigonometric identity. Apply the identities step by step until you reach the other side. But, most students are seen to start from the more complex side. This is because it is easier to eliminate terms to make a complex function simple than to look for ways to introduce terms to make a simple function complex.

Express All Into Sine and Cosine

It is always wise to express all tan, cosec, sec and cot in terms of sin and cos to both sides of the equation. By doing this, you will standardize both sides of the trigonometric identity so that it becomes easier to compare one side to another.

Use Pythagorean Identities To Transform Between sin2x and cos2

Remember to pay special attention to the addition of squared trigonometry terms. Apply the Pythagorean identities whenever necessary, especially in sin2x +cos2 x= 1 since all the other Trigo terms have been converted into sine and cosine. This identity can be used to convert into and vice versa. It can also be used to remove both by turning it into 1.  read this – What Learning Management System Software will be ideal for you?

Understand When To Apply Double Angle Formula (DAF)

Try to observe every trigonometric term in the question. Comprehend if there are any terms with angles 2 times another. If there are, get geared to use DAF to convert them into the same angle. For instance, if you see sin θ and cot (θ/2)   in the same question, you have to use DAF since θ is 2 times (θ/2). If you still face difficulties, you can always fall back on the best assignment help services in Houston.

Proving trigonometry functions is an art. There are numerous ways to get the answer. Some methods are remarkable and short, while others are massive and complicated. But, the key point to note is that whichever you take. As long as you reach the final destination, you will get the final marks.

Implement the strategies mentioned above and get ready to combat your trigonometry function problems like a warrior.


Proving trigonometric function only becomes a piece of cake after you have conquered many questions and exposed yourself to all the different varieties of questions. There is no hard and fast rule to handling these complex problems since every question is a puzzle. Read this article diligently to master the art of proving trigonometry functions and nail each equation like never before.

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