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What Factors Define You Are At High-Risk Pregnancy

In Melbourne, about 30%-40% of women are in the category of high-risk, which is due to bad pre-existing health problems, age factors, lifestyles, etc. It is termed a complicated state that brings risks for both a woman and a baby. In such a situation, pregnant women require the right care throughout the pregnancy. It helps to lower the possibilities of complications.

Prenatal care can help women to have healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery without facing any difficulties. Every woman needs to consult a high-risk pregnancy obstetrician in Melbourne, who are the specialists in treating these cases. They will guide and provide the right treatment according to your health condition. 

Whether you are planning to conceive or already expecting, here’s what every woman needs to know regarding the factors that lead to a risk in pregnancy

Some Factors Of High-Risk Pregnancy Cases

Maternal Age

This factor matters the most in case of high-risk pregnancy. Women under 17 or above 35 of age are at more risk of facing difficulties. A pregnant woman may suffer miscarriages and genetic disorders that probably increase more after 40. 

Women who are above the age of 35 can undergo prolonged labor, complications during labor and childbirth, or might require a cesarean delivery. On the other hand, teenagers are possibly to experience gestational high blood pressure. In addition, they might go into a state of early delivery and give birth to low-weight newborns.

So, every pregnant woman should be aware of this and must see a specialist so that the possibility of any complications can be reduced. Visit the gynaecologist in Melbourne who specializes in treating high-risk pregnancy cases. 

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Some pre-existing health conditions can be risky to the woman or child. Those are high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, lupus, etc. Every woman needs to consult a high-risk pregnancy obstetrician to get the proper treatment so that the whole process of pregnancy goes smooth and healthy. An OB/GYN might change the medicines to maintain good health which can avoid the adverse impacts on further pregnancies. 

Moreover, if you are diabetic, an obstetrician will help to maintain a blood sugar level before conceiving which can prevent fetal abnormalities. On the other hand, if a woman is suffering from obesity, a specialist will suggest a weight-loss plan before pregnancy. 

Co-Existing Health Conditions

Even though your pregnancy proceeds well, there are chances of being diagnosed with some complications. It can adversely impact a woman and a baby too. Thus, it is very necessary to visit an obstetrician and get the right treatment. 

These are the health problems about which every woman must be aware of: 

  • Preeclampsia: It is a health condition that is marked as a rise in blood pressure, an increase in the protein level of urine, and swelling. Such complications can be harmful or even cause the death of a mother or an infant if not diagnosed soon. 

More chances of preeclampsia are due to the over age and overweight of a mother. Additionally, high blood pressure or diabetes could also be another reason for this disorder. 

  • Gestational Diabetes: During the pregnancy, this condition causes type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. In such a state, C-section delivery is preferred instead of normal to avoid harm to a newborn.

The risk may go high if a woman is older, carries twins or more than two babies, or has extra weight. Suffering gestational diabetes and having a large-size child in a previous pregnancy, or any family member with diabetes can also be the cause.

Pregnancy-Related Problems


A pregnancy is termed as high risk due to the disorders that occur when a woman is pregnant and need to be treated soon. These include:

  • Multiple Birth: It means a woman is carrying twins or triplets babies or more than that. This problem raises the cases of premature labor, gestational diabetes, and gestational high blood pressure. 

The newborns will have more possibility of life-long health difficulties. It includes slow or abnormal brain development or cerebral palsy. 

  • Placenta Previa: During the condition, the placenta forms a layer over the cervix. It can lead to bleeding, mainly during the contracting of the uterus. If the delivery date is close and yet the cervix is covered by the placenta, an obstetrician may prefer to go for a cesarean section. 

The C-section delivery option will be safer than normal as it will prevent bleeding risks to the woman and an infant. So, every pregnant woman should be conscious of their health and consult an obstetrician as soon as possible.

Summing Up

High-risk cases may have highs and lows. It is the responsibility of a woman to take care of their and a baby’s health. Seeing an obstetrician and taking the advice will help to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. 

Considering all the factors that define a high-risk pregnancy will make you aware of such complications so that you can get proper treatment. Thus, it will help to prevent any harm to a mother and a baby.

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