Top 5 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android

android app development services companies

Android App Development Services Companies

Locking your device’s screen is important; it helps you protect your personal stuff from falling into the wrong hands. But if you need to check anything on your device, you will have to keep opening or unlocking it repeatedly, which some people don’t like. However, some apps on Google Play Store can help you know if any activity happens on your device without even unlocking its lock screen. Well, some devices already feature this functionality and perform it very nicely. However, if you are here, then there must be some reasons. So without wasting more time, let’s take a look at some of the best lock screen apps developed by android mobile app development services providers. Here we go!


AcDisplay is quite a popular lock screen app that features various customizations and lock screen tools. It even lets you play with notifications without unlocking the device’s display. It also has a save battery mode that you can use to set the app to work only during certain hours. Nowadays, most devices are coming stock with quite similar to AcDisplay. It is a great lock screen app that you can use entirely for free.


Always on AMOLED is an on-display app that emulates like a lock screen app. It shows you a variety of stuff such as notifications, time, and many more. Additionally, the app provides you with some other features, including clock movement to avoid burn-in, a tool to initialize doze mode while running, and many more. It will be better to use this app on a device with an AMOLED or OLED display because it loses many of its lusters on LCD screens.

Well, nowadays, almost every device comes with a built-in on-display feature. So you won’t have to install this app if your device already has this feature because native versions mostly work better than any third-party applications. However, if you have an older device without this feature, you can install this app. It is available for free, and the app also has a premium version that you can get for $1.99.


Floatify is quite a decent lock screen app that looks like a stock lock screen. It gives you a simple background along with the time icon on the front. It even lets you add some other stuff such as notifications, weather, customizable shortcut buttons, and many more. Additionally, it includes a chat head feature the same as Facebook Messenger, a tool for turning the display automatically on whenever you pick up your phone, and many others. It hasn’t been updated since 2017; however, it works nicely and is available entirely for free to use.

Hi Locker

Hi Locker is another pretty decent lock screen app that shows you some basic stuff such as notifications, calendar events, weather, and many more. It also includes support for the fingerprint sensor, various customizable features, a tool to hide notifications from certain apps, and many other things. It is integrated with Flickr, so you can even auto-set wallpapers. The app is available for free to use, but a paid version is also available for $1.99.

Lockscreen Widgets

Lockscreen Widgets is a newly launched lock screen app that offers you an old Android feature of putting widgets on the device’s lock screen. You can get multiple pages and put one widget for each one. It is undoubtedly an excellent lock screen app, especially for those who want extra information on their devices’ lock screens. Well, currently, you can only enjoy its beta version that works fantastically. It runs for $1.49, but it doesn’t include in-app purchases or ads. However, the original version of the app will be released soon.


LokLok is a unique lock screen app; it mixes a lock screen app and Snapchat. The app opens your device’s camera whenever you turn it on; then, you can click a picture, draw on it whatever you want to remove, and even send it to your loved ones. It works decently and is available for free, but you can buy sticker packs if you want to, cost $1.49.

These are all the lock screen apps that we recommend installing and trying on your Android device. You can even go for Solo Locker and lock screen apps by KLCK; they are also excellent to lock screen apps that work very. You can also get your customized app lock from android app development services companies in Dallas.

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