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3 Women’s Health Tea Blends to Keep You Going All Day


There is tea for everyone and every mood, every moment, or every season. From the moment you wake up, whenever you need to boost your energy, you’ll have tea every moment until you fall asleep. You can brew an energy drink of fresh tea in the morning to liven up the day and schedule each sip.

Tea infused with herbs doesn’t just soothe your body but also your mind. What if we told you that there are teas that can help you ladies get through your day with ease? Or give you the burst of energy you crave during the day?

You can squeeze in a cup in your packed routine as you handle a million things at a time, wishing at the same time for a magic wand to do it all. Well, when there isn’t a magic wand, there is always the good old tea!

Just when the day starts to get dreary, a hot cuppa can give you a much-needed boost. And when the day ends, you can steep a cup to enjoy a peaceful slumber.

 3 tea blends to keep you going all day

While every cup of tea refreshes you, having the right blend at the right time goes a long way in enhancing the feeling of wellness. Why stick to just one kind of tea when you can have one for every mood and time of day?

  • Energy Tea

Did you feel lethargic or just wake up on the other side of the bed? After that, Energy Tea will help you gain momentum for the day. It’s also the perfect drink for women who are tired during their period.

Energy Tea from T-Go is a truly stimulating blend of hibiscus, rosehip and orange peel. The fresh flavours instantly give you an energy rush to handle everything on your to-do list for the day, be it managing your project deadlines or going on a trekking or biking tour with your buddies.

It is the perfect brew to lift your spirits as every sip revitalises your senses and gives the kick you need to finish that last set of burpees in the gym. And here’s the best part… That energy rush from T-Go Energy Tea is 100% caffeine-free, so your health is not compromised.

  • Digest Tea

You’re still regretting the moment when that plate of doughnuts called out to you and you gave in to the temptation. That ‘just one more’ moment spoiled your day with indigestion and bloatedness. This is when you should ditch the doughnuts and make your way to brewing a cup of digest tea. T-GO Digest Tea is a cooling blend made of fresh herbs and healing ingredients and is the perfect remedy for your gut woes.

Digest tea is the wellness tea you need not just on your days of overindulgence but for the general wellness of your digestive system. The combination of fresh herbs such as rosehip, lemon balm, fennel, ginger, star anise, and pepper promotes healthy digestion, reduces inflammation, and increases circulation. Your gut is going to thank you for this healthy tea.

  • Sleep Tea

Sleep tea is a soul-soothing tea blend that can help calm your nerves and get a good night’s sleep. Remember those nights when you are tossing and turning in your bed, using all your brain cells at once? That’s when this tea works its magic and drifts you away to your dreams and into a blissful sleep.

TGO Sleep tea is a soothing blend of chamomile, lime tree leaves, rosehip and lavender and is the gateway to your favourite dreamland. Play some nice music as you sip this tea and feel your body get into a relaxed state.


Now that you know that there’s a tea for every mood and every need, it’s time you try some different flavours of women’s health tea from T-Go. Simply tear their one-of-a-kind tea bags, dip, stir and get sipping anywhere, anytime! Remember, when it comes to tea, one cup or one variety is never enough!

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