How to Decorate with Fake Plants

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Fake house plants can give your place a vibrant outlook without investing in the time and energy required for natural plants. Whether you want to add a bright touch to a dull corner in your house, decorate your terrace, or cover up cords and plugs, fake plants are the best option. Unlike natural plants, they are not dependent on weather and remain fresh all season long. 

Not everyone has the stamina to look after natural plants, and that is when faux plants come in handy. There are countless ways to decorate with fake plants, and in this blog, we will share some of the tips on using artificial plants to decorate your place. 

Place them in natural light

Natural plants need a lot of sun exposure to survive and thrive. Placing your fake plants in sunlight will make them look like the real ones. It gives the impression that you are taking good care of your plants. Opt for places where you will place your natural plants near the doorway, in the balcony, or near the window.

Add a few natural plants

Mix your fake plants with natural florals. Seems weird, right? Now you must be wondering why buy fake plants in the first place when you have to add a touch of real ones? Do not worry. You do not have to purchase natural plants and look after them; you have to get a few florals to add a natural touch to your fake plants. It will look like your whole vase is an actual plant. 

Give your vase an authentic look

Using a glass vase for your fake plants can give them a natural touch. Stems of a fake plant can be seen when placed in a glass vase. You can add water to it. It will look like the water is nourishing your plant. However, to avoid your fake plant from being damaged or getting rust, make sure you clean it regularly. Coat its ends with a suitable material to prevent damage.

 Place them outside

Place your fake plants there if you want to liven up your balcony, terrace, or garden. Artificial plants will give a fresh green look to those areas and require minimum effort. You will have to clean off the dust regularly. It will not require the same hard work as a natural plant does.

 Maintain cleanliness 

This might be surprising as fake plants do not require much effort to be maintained. However, they do need to be cleaned regularly. Artificial plants can build up dirt and dust over time. If not cleaned properly, they can give off a rusty look. If you want your plants to look real forever, you need to remove the dust. Wash them with warm water either in your sink or use a shower. Pat them dry with a soft towel afterward. If you are concerned your fake plants can lose their originality, use a wipe to clear off the dust and air dry them instead.

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