Tips to feel Confident on Camera During Live Streaming Events

Live Streaming Events

Virtual events, live streaming, audience engagement, virtual audience, etc. are some common terms that we come across almost daily. If you are hosting a live stream, there are a few things you need to understand. 

In this blog, we will share with you some tips and tricks that will help you feel confident in front of the camera. 

Focus on the Message: 

While you are planning your live stream or any other virtual event, make sure you are delivering a powerful message to the audience. If you know that your message is powerful, it will automatically give you the confidence to interact with the audience. People won’t focus on the clothes you are wearing or the kind of makeup you are wearing. They will focus on the message your event delivered and how it added value to their lives. Remember that your message is the key to the confidence you will have while interacting with the audience, make sure it’s a powerful one. 

Have an understanding of the Audience: 

When you are planning an event, one thing that you need to deliver the content confidently is having an understanding of the audience, and the objective behind hosting the event. So while online events planning, make sure you know who you are targeting and what their expectations are from your event. Also, if you know who your attendees are, ensure you speak their names in between the events. It would give a personal touch, and the attendees will feel as if you are talking directly to them. 

Keep the Attendees Hooked: 

We all know that we have a less attention span, and when it comes to virtual events, we can barely concentrate for a decent amount of time. It can be a problem for your live streaming event, as virtual events already come with several distractions. Also, if you’d see people leaving the live stream, it will affect your confidence. What you can do is set a hook, and keep the attendees hooked to the stream. Also, the first three seconds are very important. You need to ensure that the attendees get into the flow as soon they join the live stream. There are a few techniques that you can use to get the attention of your audience. For example, you can call out their names, knock on the screens, and play games to grab their attention. 

Promise Your Attendees Some Outcomes:

Now that you have your attendees’ attention, you need to ensure that it remains the same and the attendees remain with your event till the very end. For this, you need to promise them some outcome that will add value to their lives. To do the same, you have to keep the audience engaged throughout the event. More audience engagement means growing the audience of your brand. And what better way to boost your confidence than seeing the results live? 

Time to Add a Personal Touch: 

Another tip to help you boost your self-confidence during live streaming is adding a personal touch to your live stream. You can begin your live stream by sharing a personal experience with the audience. It will make you and your content more relatable, and they will stick around for a longer period of time. You can also share personal experiences or some challenges you faced and how you overcame them. For example, if you share how you became proficient at hosting live streams that helped you grow, people would want to try out the steps you tell them. And, when they start seeing results, they will surely turn back to you and consume more content. 

Share Some BTS: 

You can share behind the scenes of your live stream and brand with your audience on the DIY Virtual Event Platform. It will give a human touch to your live stream and allow your attendees to connect with you on a personal level. Sharing the behind-the-scenes factors with your audience is a great way to add a human approach to your brand. It will also tell them that they are seeing something very exclusive from your brand, which is just meant for them and makes them feel special. 

Share Some CTA: 

The next tip is to share some Calls to action with your audience during the live stream. Not only this, if you share some actionable tips with your audience and they get the desired results, they will start to look up to your brand. What you can do while sharing your tips is ask them to do something actionable. For example, you can ask them to promote your channel and like or subscribe to your page. For that, you can prepare your notes or some slides. Having slides for the content you want to share with your audience will increase the authenticity of your content. There are some customizable virtual event platforms that let you keep an update on the current number of attendees at the live stream. We suggest that you don’t look at these numbers as they can be distracting, and they might shake up your confidence.

Be Enthusiastic: 

No matter how many tips you follow, nothing can match a good amount of enthusiasm. Always be enthusiastic, and show up with good energy. Trust us, your attendees will never want to see a dull and boring host, and it will directly affect your live stream. Your enthusiasm plays the same role as your content plays in keeping the attendees engaged during the live stream. Along with it, don’t try to achieve perfection; it might ruin your game. No matter how hard you try, there will always be some chances that you end up committing some mistakes. You need to remember that it’s absolutely okay to do so. Just try to handle mistakes with humor; it will leave your audience impressed, and there are chances that they don’t even notice the mistake. 

Expecting things to go as planned in the first attempt isn’t the most practical desire. It will take you a few attempts to achieve perfection and make things go as you wanted them to be; even your live streaming. While hosting your next live stream, consider the following tips, and you will notice that your audience doesn’t even remember the stumbles you have made along the way. 

Kaylee Johnson

I am professional blogger. I am currently researching and writing more on DIY virtual event platforms as they have become the new trend in the events industry. I am finding out the most economical event hosting platforms available in the market.

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