THE 7 STEPS OF ANIMATED video production belfast


THE 7 STEPS OF ANIMATED video production belfast


In this article, here are the essential concepts that allow the realization and video production belfast of animated videos in order to more easily convert your target audience.

We will cover the following points:

  1. The creation of the brief
  2. The development of a concept
  3. The writing of a scenario
  4. The realization of the storyboard
  5. The design the style and the graphic design
  6. Developing the animation in motion design
  7. Succeeding in sound design and voiceover


The brief is the action plan, it is the direction you want to give to your project.

A brief allows you to clarify your ideas by formalizing them on a document. It must address all aspects and descriptions of your product or video service: the message you want to convey to your audience but also to your competitors, as well as all the artistic techniques used.

In short, during this first step, you put down on paper everything that defines your project and its context. This is also the time when you realize more concretely what you do not want in your video. In this brief creation phase, you do not take into account the technical constraints of production.

You can of course make changes later, nothing is fixed permanently. But, once validated and put into production, it is generally no longer difficult to go back on it.

This step of creating a brief is essential, we do not embark on such a project blindly, Indeed you will not go on vacation to Tanzania without finding out about the country, and without knowing what you want to do there, Nope? Don’t start producing a video without a brief!


The design phase is underestimated and underused by some audiovisual production agencies. Many creators often neglect marketing, focusing too much on the artistic side of the video.

The concept is the most important part. Indeed, your video production northern ireland must be unique and produced in such a way that your audience remembers your message and not that they close it after a few seconds of viewing and immediately move on to something else.

The viewer’s attention mostly depends on the right concept. Of course, you can talk about your benefits or the problems you solve, but the video must be well designed in terms of marketing.

Each aspect is important to expand and enhance your concept: The atmosphere, the tone, the characters, the music… The concept must above all convey the state of mind of your project.

When developing its concept, it is essential to remember to ask yourself what key selling point you want to put forward and how to end your video with a strong call to action.

As a reminder, a key selling point is the main promise you make to your audience. It must ideally not be able to be used by your competitors and must be based on a really decisive element to deliver all its potential of conviction.

What we can remember is that the concept in video production belfast allows you to present the main lines of your offer to a target audience in an attractive way to make an impression.


The script is the backbone of your video. A good script will make even poor sound and picture quality “excusable”.

An explainer video, which looks amazing, might sell nothing and fail without a script that works.

So what do we mean by a “good” script?

He must sell! Whether it is an idea, a message, a product, or a service.

The good news is that if you have a good brief beforehand, you are already on the right track.

Here are some key takeaways for writing a successful screenplay:

Unless you’re an established brand with followers who like to hear from you (e.g. Apple), you should plan on making a 1-2 minute video. A shorter video won’t be long enough to build trust in your brand, a longer video will be boring and uninteresting. This duration is one of the major keys to successful animated video production. Allow 140 to 150 words per minute for your screenplay.

It is this moment that will determine whether or not your viewers stay to watch the entire video until the end (without skipping any passages).

During those first 10 seconds, you need to focus on an emotional hook. The use of a metaphor is one of the most often used and proven methods.

Define your main message and be as specific as possible with a target audience. For example: “Our product is miraculous and fixes everything for everyone for everyone” will get you nowhere. On the other hand: “Our application saves time for public transport users who no longer have to compare several routes to know the fastest in real-time, to get to work”, is a much better hook. End with a ” call to action”.

It is important to finalize your video with a call to action button. Indeed, it makes it possible to trigger in the consumer the action of purchase which redirects for example on a sales page on a website, on the download of an application or even on the entrance of your sales funnel.


Once the scenario is finalized, you can move on to the storyboard. It is important to note that each stage of script writing must be finalized before proceeding to this stage.

The production of animated videos is like a pyramid. You can draw a parallel with the foundations of a building. Indeed, if you remove a brick from the foundations after they have been built, there is a great risk that this less brick will weaken the entire structure of the building and that you will then have a lot of trouble restoring everything. The foundations of this pyramid must therefore be solid and consolidated before moving on.

The storyboard which can be translated as “the drawn story” is considered the final draft of the screenplay, as it takes the words and begins to bring them to life with visuals. The storyboard somehow transforms words into images.

Indeed, the storyboard uses sketches, drawings, comments, or annotations to show how each line of the scenario unfolds. It allows an overview of the project.

The storyboard is therefore essential for designers because it allows them to know how the video will be, once finalized. If you do not want to make a storyboard it is important to note that you can make a technical breakdown, which is a simplified form of a storyboard.


It is during this stage that you can finally start to see what the images actually look like.

The process begins with the production of visual elements (characters, decorative elements, atmosphere, etc.) which will be used to develop the technical breakdown and the presentation of visual boards.

They visually describe the mood and visual intent. Once this is agreed upon, the design and/or characters are created. This gives you a static but accurate preview of the style of the video.


Once the design is confirmed, it can be animated. Motion design, which literally translates to “motion design”, is the discipline used for visual design, and the development of animation.

It corresponds to the art of giving life to images and consists of giving movement to graphics in order to convey your message in a dynamic way.

The production of interactive animated content can integrate a variety of media: video, graphics, sound, special effects, typography, etc. With digital advances, motion design has developed significantly over the past few years, and there is now much great software that makes the process easier.

But it’s still a lot of work that needs to be precisely designed to make sure everything runs smoothly.


It’s kind of a parallel stage to the animation, but it starts a bit after the animation production has started.

A good video synchronizes all the elements (visual and sound) so that often the sound starts to mix with the video production belfast during a rough cut of the animation and so that the timing can be adjusted accordingly.

Of course, the voice-over, as well as the music, must be chosen really well. They must make the link with the visual by illustrating what is happening in the image.

Regarding the music, you cannot choose one that is too out of step with the message conveyed or the product presented. For example, choosing a cheerful, catchy song with a video production belfast explaining the symptoms of a serious illness is not a wise choice.

As far as the voice-over is concerned, think carefully about whether it is better to use a female or male voice on your video production belfast to better sell your product or service. The tone of the voice, as well as the rhythm of the speech (dynamic or calm ), are also important for creating

the right atmosphere and must be adapted to the visuals.

The sound design therefore sometimes goes further by integrating sound effects for a much more complete experience. It may not be immediately noticeable, but it adds an element of professionalism and commitment to the finished video production belfast.

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