Short films: This is what professionals do

Short films are the ancestors of feature films. Just imagine what a great invention it was decades ago. People save money to go and see short films. At that time there weren’t any free movies no credit card, so people were going to cinemas and theatres.

Nowadays short films are not so much popular as they were decades ago, but they continue to grow and regain popularity.

There are great professionals who make great short films, also there are many independent filmmakers who do great but as popular as they should be.

History of short films

All movies were initially short, only a few seconds long. Thomas Edison’s kinetoscope, which allowed one viewer to see a series of images on a film depicting a tale or an event, was used to create the earliest films. Celebrities, current events, and modest exhibition show dominated the initial films. Thomas Edison received the first-ever U.S. copyright for a motion picture for a five-second clip of his aide Fred Ott sneezing.

Such movies started to be viewed by more people at events around the world. Newer movies became more in demand from audiences, and movie success soared. Complex plots and personalities became necessary as demand rose. The larger, longer feature films began to gain popularity over the shorter flicks. As storylines expanded from brief sequences to broader narratives, films started to need dialogue and performers. When sound was eventually synced with the motion picture, talking films, or “talkies,” were created.

What you need for making short films

For making a short movie you need to have talent, a good team, a good camera, a computer with editing software, and a script, don’t forget about the idea.

You might want to go for your camera and fire off a few shots immediately away. A story, money, cast, and crew must all be assembled before a short film can be shot.

If this is your first short, start by crafting one that is between five and six minutes long before tackling films that are longer.

Script part

The script is crucial in every way. It establishes the framework for your movie and will decide a lot of the requirements for shooting the short film, like the cast size and shooting locations.

Don’t hesitate to write the script yourself.

It is a short film it is going to be about 10 pages or less, so do it and you will be in control of every issue.

When brainstorming, try not to jam too many ideas because this will confuse the plot. Do everything in order and you wouldn’t get a salad.

Also, Reduce the number of sites as much as possible because shooting in several places might get expensive.

Storyboard is important

Storyboards are visual representations of each scene, shot by shot, according to the script’s description. It resembles a comic book in certain ways.

No worries if you lack artistic ability! Stick figures can be used to represent the actors, and simple shapes can be used to indicate the scene’s components. The storyboard only serves as a visual aid for the shoot day; it is not required to be a work of art.

If you follow all these rules and precautions you will make short films as professionals do. Never hesitate to start, you may not succeed several times but after you will make your dreams come true.


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