The Institute of Paramedical Sciences.

Paramedical Sciences

Paramedical Sciences:

The Institute of Paramedical Sciences (IPMS) has a well-stocked library that includes a variety of titles, ranging from dictionary books to encyclopedias. 

The library also offers a vast selection of handbooks, journals, atlases, and medical reviews.

It acquires books from various sources and makes them accessible to students. 

Clinical facilities are available at some private and public hospitals. Additionally, classes are offered in different PHCs as well as local bodies.


State-Level Entrance Tests:

The Institute of Paramedical Sciences offers certificates that run for between one and two years. 

Students can be admitted to the paramedical program by scoring at national and state-level entrance tests.

It is suggested that applicants visit the institution’s official site to apply for the course.

The application process generally begins in August or July and can be completed for a maximum of 2 years. Therefore, it is crucial to remember the process for applying.



Certificates or Diploma Courses:

Students may enroll in certificates or diploma courses. The courses are typically up to two years. 

There are no entrance tests for this type of course. However, many colleges conduct their entrance exams and offer admission based on the marks earned in national-level or state-level tests.

The application process begins in July or August and should be completed in a sealed envelope. After that, the school has been notified of the application, and students have to complete it and wait for the results.

Allied Health Sciences:

The certification is necessary to work as a paramedical. It can take anywhere from one to two years. 

It can take up to two years. However, the Institute of Allied Health Sciences is accredited by the State Board of J&K and has an outstanding track record.

The Institute offers a substantial proportion of successful candidates for graduation and has a long-standing reputation. 

In addition, the college curriculum is pertinent to the requirements of the healthcare sector. It is recognized through the American Association of Healthcare Facilities.


Medical Specialists:

The Institute of Paramedical Sciences has an excellent quality of education. It is recognized through the Government of Karnataka and the Paramedical Board. 

It has produced high-quality paramedics who can compete with doctors and other medical specialists.


The Institute of Paramedical Sciences


The students of this college are taught to help the residents of Bijnor. 

They also have the chance to develop new skills in the local community. In addition, they can provide medical assistance to those living in remote regions in the nation.


Medical Professionals:

The Institute of Paramedical Sciences has an enthused health and education care foundation. 

The school’s mission is to offer the best possible healthcare to the communities it serves and the world in general.

It is committed to the well-being of its community. So it is preparing across a variety of disciplines of expert medical professionals. It aims to provide Bijnor’s residents Bijnor by providing high-quality Best healthcare.   


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