How Does IQOS Work?

How Does IQOS Work?

The IQOS devices are made by Philip Morris International. These types of devices work by heating tobacco-filled sticks, which are well-known as Heetsticks, and these are acceptable to produce a nicotine-rich aerosol. However, vape devices or e-cigs are the best alternative to traditional cigarettes for smoking. As same, the IQOS products are also a convenient vaping system as the other vaping devices that are available in the market. The PMI company comes with an excellent invention by producing the IQOS products. Besides using the devices, it is also necessary to know how the IQOS devices work.

It will be beneficial for people who are looking for alternatives to cigarettes. In this guide, we are going to focus on IQOS products. Also, how do the IQOS devices work with their potential features and programs?


What are the Heated Tobacco Units?

What are the Heated Tobacco Units,

The heated tobacco unit of a device contains a uniquely processed tobacco plug, which is designed for heating, not for smoking. A vape device tobacco plug is prepared using tobacco leaves. Also, the leaves are ground and re-constituted into tobacco sheets, well-known as the cast-leaf. The sheets are then crumpled and assembled into a tobacco plug. In the case of PMIs blade and induction, the HTPs use different heated tobacco systems. However, the original HTPs blade series comes with a special design for IQOS 2.4+, 3 Multi, and 3.0 Duo, which is recommended to use with the Heets or heat sticks.


How Does IQOS Work?


The using or working process of the IQOS devices is accessible. The IQOS and other HTPs devices use battery power use the concentrated heat to a cigarette. It works like a tube of tobacco, which treats with vegetable glycerin to produce a visible vapor. However, this process is not smoking and not exactly vaping. It fills up a gap between the two, which makes this process attractive to many smokers. The IQOS devices effectively consist of three significant pieces, and that comes with a pocket charger, the device itself, and HeatSticks that is well-known as the Heets. The devices also include disposable mini-cigarettes that come in a pack of 20. The sticks also come with a mixture of tobacco, VG, nicotine, and flavorings. Ultimately, these devices design to simulate the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes.


An IQOS Device Features

IQOS device comes with several kinds of features and components. 

The IQOS device has three main features, and it includes a charger, holder, and heat stick.

The Charger includes;

  • Hatch Button
  • Charger
  • Power Button
  • USB Port
  • Heater Cleaning Button

The holder of the device includes;

  • Power Button
  • Charger Connector

The heat stick of the device includes;

  • Heat Sticks (HEETS)

These are the elements that come with an IQOS device. 

The IQOS works by heating the tobacco to a precise temperature, where it comfortably vaporize the tobacco but does not combust. According to the PMI, it is necessary to recharge the holder of an IQOS device for a four-minute using the device case between each use. After recharging the device, you need to insert a HeatStick in the device, and you have to wait for 20-seconds till it lights up and vibrates. The process needs to be repeated after the completion of 14 drags or six minutes, whichever comes first.  As per the HTP-Heated Tobacco Manufacturers, these types of devices deliver much faster nicotine hits and are more cigarette-like than vaping. Compared with other vaping devices, it produces the best vapor without any side stream. Also, it only emits vapor while inhaling by the users.

The Best Maintenance of IQOS Device

The Best Maintenance of IQOS Device,

The best maintenance of an IQOS device ensures the pick performance of the ceramic heating elements. It is also necessary to clean the IQOS holder after 20 uses or after the completion of each pack of heat sticks. It is essential to keep the device clean because both parts of the device equip with lithium-ion batteries, where the batteries may lose capacity and have to be replaced. The Altria is an excellent starter package, which comes with the IQOS device and 200 HeatSticks to use.

Who is IQOS for?

The IQOS devices are preferable for cigarette smokers. The HEETS of an IQOS product comes with several tasteful flavors. Also, these types of devices prepare for people accustomed to buying and smoking cigarettes. 

However, there are some following factors to know about the IQOS following factors are below.

  • The HeatSticks of the IQOS that refills sale in packs of 20
  • The price range is as same as the cigarettes, and that includes all the taxes
  • Each HEET comes with a defined number of puffs in a limited period
  • Available with plain tobacco and menthol flavors
  • A used heat stick is mostly similar to a cigarette butt
  • The IQOS devices HeatSticks frankly use the Marlboro name

The vape products design to separate traditional smokers from the experience of smoking cigarettes. Not all vape devices are the same, and these types of devices are varied as per their features, power, performance, and strength to create clouds of vapor. The IQOS products would be the best option for regular smokers. By using the IQOS vape devices, the users can have the best experience of nicotine with full of enjoyment. Also, these types of devices are excellent and available in the market. Note: using IQOS products or any type of vape device contains nicotine. Also, we recommend using such devices if you are a regular smoker or you have the legal age to smoke or vape devices.


You can comfortably use an IQOS device if you know the suitable techniques to use. Different vape devices feature different using formats. The using or working process of IQOS devices is also accessible and excellent to use. Though there are some differences, all the vape devices are the same because they use the heat-not-to-burn technology to create vapor while using the device. The working process of an IQOS product is excellent, and the users can get the best performance by using these devices. Additionally, several kinds of advanced vape devices are available in the market today, where you can get the best vaping experience by using them. We hope you find this guide well, including all the related information regarding the IQOS products and how does IQOS works by using different efficient techniques. 

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