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Everything You Need to Know About HUD Loans in Dallas, Texas

There are some of the best mortgage lenders Dallas that offer great services for mortgage filers. They also offer HUD loans to borrowers. If you are planning to apply for a mortgage then there are different things that you need to get a clear idea of. 

One among them is the HUD loan. Let us discuss in detail the HUD loans today. Read the content below carefully to find out all the necessary information regarding the HUD loans, including the eligibility criteria, benefits, risks, and more. 

HUD Loans

Private lenders offer mortgage loans that are insured by the FHA. FHA is an agency within the (HUD) U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The (FHA) Federal Housing Administration loans are also known as HUD loans.

Eligibility Criteria

There are a few requirements set by the FHA for the HUD loans. The one, who fulfills all the requirements and is eligible to be considered, will be granted the loan. 

One of the important things that are considered here is the borrower detail. The one applying for a loan should not have any outstanding federal debt or collection. 

Moreover, the borrower is bound to use the property as their primary residence. There are some other requirements regarding the borrower and related to the property as well. Let us have a close look into it.

Borrower Requirement

For the HUD loan, the borrower is evaluated keenly to rule out the fact that he should be granted the loan or not. 

The following requirements are a must for an eligible borrower. If a borrower fails to fulfill any one of them then he will be labeled as ineligible. Some of the requirements that are compulsory to be fulfilled by the borrower include:

  •         A better credit score that could be 500 or even better
  •         The debt to income ratio should be no more than 50%
  •         The down payment for a borrower should be 5% with a high credit score of up to 580 or even more
  •         With a credit score around 500 – 579, 10% should be the down payment for the borrower
  •         It is restricted to the borrower that he must use the home as their primary residence

Property Requirement

The home that you are going to buy through a HUD loan also needs to fulfill the property requirement criteria. 

The FHA has set some property standards from which you can find out whether your property is eligible for the loan or not. Some of the property requirements set by the FHA are listed below:

  •         The home must be occupied by the borrower within 60 days of the closing
  •         The home must be the primary residence of the borrower
  •         The property is not allowed to use for investment purposes
  •         The home needs to meet the minimum property standards set by the FHA
  •         The property should be approved by the FHA appraisal
  •         Within 90 days of a prior sale, the property cannot be bought
  •         The property needs to fulfill the FHA loan limits

Benefits of HUD Loan

Despite all the risks, HUD loans carry several benefits for all parties. 

Homeowners benefit by raising their families in a safe and secure environment while working to improve their finances. 

Banks are also benefitted by tapping into the market, and they would otherwise find it difficult to get in. 

Insured loans allow banks to generate additional profits with minimum risk. The government benefits from an increase in the property tax base. The demand for home expenditures, such as appliances, furniture, security systems, and lawn care products, rise in response to increased homeownership, giving a boost to a range of industries.


The risk factors associated with HUD loans include mortgage insurance requirements, permanent insurance costs, lower loan limits, etc. 


The HUD loans require both upfront and monthly mortgage insurance. The monthly mortgage insurance depends on the loan amount. The upfront mortgage insurance premiums are 1.75% depending on the loan amount.


Many HUD borrowers will pay MIP fees for the entirety of their loan term, even though mortgage insurance is cancelable in some cases. 


HUD loans have lower loan limits than other loan options. In most parts of the country, the maximum loan amount is $356,362 on a single-family house for 2021.

Final Words

HUD loan is a complex type of loan that includes a number of prerequisites. You need to be careful about the eligibility criteria. 

Furthermore, you cannot violate any of the conditions and need to stick with the contract terms and conditions. 

It is always recommended to consult trustable lenders. There are many mortgage lenders in Dallas from where you can get your deal done. Do your research and find the lender you’re comfortable dealing with.

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