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The Dos and Don’ts of Using Period Underwear

If you’ve been curious about sustainable period care, it’s time to make the upgrade. At this point, you know disposable tampons and pads aren’t your only option. You’ve heard there’s something better. Sustainable period care products like period cups, discs, and leakproof underwear are an upgrade. They’re reusable, comfortable, and keep you dry. Plus, you’ve got lots of options—especially when it comes to different styles of period underwear.

Period underwear is a must regardless of whether you used to wear tampons or pads. You’ll find they save you a lot of grief in your drawer of intimates. There are a few dos and don’ts you’ll need to know about this underwear. These are useful points to keep in mind if you’ve got a cup or disc, or if it’s your first time looking into reusable period care products.


It helps to be thoughtful when selecting leakproof underwear for your period. Here we’ll cover the basics of how to go about choosing the best pairs for you.

Do Some Sustainable Period Care Research

Learn about sustainable period products if you want to invest in them. You’ll find information about your options, how they work, and their environmental impact.

Don’t Settle for a Period Care Product You Don’t Want to Use

Never settle for products you don’t want to use. That includes tampons, pads, or a reusable product that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. If you didn’t wear tampons before, you don’t have to get a reusable period cup. You can use reusable period underwear instead.

Do Look Into Period Underwear Brands

Like you researched period care products, look into the companies designing them. They’ll have different values and mission statements. Some use higher quality materials and provide more information about their products. They might also help you learn more about periods and vaginal health.

Don’t Wear a Style with the Incorrect Absorbency

Depending on your flow and how you use leakproof underwear, you’ll want different styles. You can find thongs, bikinis, briefs, hipsters, and boyshorts with varying levels of absorbency. Some of the best brands also use a comfortable, thin gusset, so your period underwear never feels bulky or wet (because who wants that?).


It never hurts to have a bit of a guide on how to use sustainable period care like leakproof underwear. Here’s an overview.

Do Turn to Leakproof Underwear for Sustainable Period Care

Reusable period underwear is a pad alternative. They allow for the greatest absorbency without dampness and uncomfortable feelings. They’re better for the environment and ensure period care is always at your side. When you only use leakproof underwear, get more than one pair.

Don’t Limit a Piece’s Use to Periods

You can use period underwear for many reasons. These include periods, postpartum care, incontinence, discharge, or whenever you feel like you need to wear them.

Do Use Period Underwear as a Backup

If you use a reusable disc or cup for period days of your cycle, you can wear leakproof underwear as a backup. A backup is super helpful if you’re still navigating the learning curve of inserting your disc or getting a proper period cup seal.

Don’t Treat Your Pieces Like Single-Use Items

Sustainable period care products are not single-use items. Don’t throw them away after one use or treat them poorly.


If you take care of your leakproof underwear, it’ll take care of you in return. From skipping the drier to rinsing after each wear, here’s how to make sure every pair lasts and looks good as new.

Do Rinse Your Period Underwear

Immediately after wearing the underwear, run it under cold water to rinse out your flow. This process helps reduce the chances of stains.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Pieces Gently

Invest in a mesh laundry bag for your underwear. Bras and underwear are “delicates.” Even leakproof underwear fits into that category. They need a gentle or delicate cycle, and a mesh laundry bag will help them stay in top condition. You can machine wash or hand wash with cold water.

Do Hang Dry Your Leakproof Underwear

Most delicates are better off with hang drying, including leakproof underwear. This will help them maintain their structure and usability, making them last longer.

Don’t Put Your Pieces in the Dryer

As you should hang dry your pieces, they should not go in the dryer. Dryers can reduce leakproof underwear’s effectiveness and wear on the materials. The heat can be damaging, which you might have noticed if you put other delicates in the dryer.

Period underwear is a must-have for anyone with a period. They’re the perfect addition to a lineup of high-quality period care products. Plus, they’re super comfortable, and you can wear them whenever you want—even when you’re not on your period. The process of choosing, using, and caring for your products is fairly simple. Once you get the hang of reusable period care, you’ll see it was definitely time for a change.

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