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The Best Vastu for Your Warehouse

Vastu is an ancient science that reveals the relationship between human beings, objects, and spaces, as per nature. This article is going to decode the scientific and authentic part of Vastu Shastra and how it works regarding warehouses.


What is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient scientific system of architectural design that helps people live in the most ideal environment. It is believed to have originated from an ancient Indian text called Vastu Sutra, which has served as the guideline for many Hindu temples, the most successful kings & their kingdoms. Vastu Shastra creates an atmosphere of positive energy in the building. This helps the occupants manifest their desires and overcome the challenges. Vastu ensures that the place where you live is free from any negative energy blocks.


How to Design a Warehouse with Vastu

A warehouse stores selling goods or in process goods for temporary or long term storage. Let us see how to design a warehouse as per Vastu rules.

  1.   A warehouse needs to be designed in the most efficient way possible so that workers can move around the building while still being able to perform their tasks. Also, the time & ease of working should be given preference and due consideration.
  2. Keep in due consideration the practicality requirements while checking the Vastu of any place. First of all, the entrance & exit to the building, the utilities like toilets or pantry, etc., and the shape of the building must comply with Vastu guidelines.


  1. Once the structure is made Vastu compliant, then comes the most important part i.e., the internal arrangement of goods. The core of any warehouse is the smooth flow of goods. Decide the location for placing the goods in directions appropriate to Vastu to ensure a healthy business. North-West to North is the best direction to place premium and high-value products.


  1. Design the plans for houses and industrial spaces in accordance with the balance of five elements of nature. They are earth, water, fire, air, and space. Also, maintain the same with color therapy, internal balancing with Vastu remedies, etc.


Securing Your Warehouse

Vastu is an ancient scientific system that uses environment, design, and architecture to promote spiritual growth and prosperity in space. The best way to use Vastu for your warehouse might be to build it in a way that allows for positive energy flow. Placing the selling goods in North direction helps in quick sale of products, as per Vastu. Also, we must plan the structure, entrances, utilities, etc. as per Vastu. Also, the use of specific colors in certain directions or drawing certain symbols on the walls can further enhance the energy of the warehouse. Further, One must ensure the access ways, entrances & exits to the warehouse are planned as per Vastu. This tunes the warehouse to bring good fortune.


Ideas on Designing a Warehouse

Designing a warehouse layout as per Vastu can be confusing for a layman. Further, half-baked knowledge on Google and YouTube regarding Vastu for warehouses can be dangerous. Vastu, an ancient Indian science, is a tried and tested way to improve the productivity of warehouse spaces by creating an aura of harmony and prosperity. 

Vastu tips for Warehouse

  • Design the entrance & exits in a positive direction which helps positive energy flow.
  • Store the premium & high-value products in the North-West to North direction.
  • Keep your Samples, Catalog, Brochures & Branding in the North or northwest direction.
  • Place the Pantry or heating activity in the southeast direction of the warehouse.
  • Keep the North-East direction light & clean.
  • The South-West direction is the ideal location for planning heavy storage.

The above Vastu advice for the warehouse is given by the best Vastu experts at www.vaastudevayah.com and is based on experience and knowledge.

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