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WPC Floorboards – The Perfect Combination of Waterproof and Wood

Wood plastic composite WPC Floorboards are one of the newest and most exciting flooring trends to hit the residential real estate industry in years.

WPC Floorboards are the perfect combination of waterproof and wood

WPC (Wood plastic composite flooring) flooring, is a vinyl plank flooring with a hard core that is made from the recycled wood pulp and polymer composites or plastic that are expanded with air. This combination of wood pulp and plasticizers makes wpc dielen 4m cores entirely waterproof.
It has been found to be one of the few types of vinyl plank floors that can be used in wet areas. In fact, it can even be installed in bathtubs, showers, basements, saunas, and wetrooms. With such features as being 100% waterproof yet still looking like real wood flooring (with realistic depth perception), this type of flooring is perfect for any room in your home.

They are made from recycled wood pulp and plastic

They are made from recycled wood pulp and plastic

Wood plastic composite boards are made from rigid composites, typically oriented strand boards (OSB) with recycled paper or polymers. It’s a mixture of ground-up wood pulp and plastics to create a material that can replace some of the more traditional materials in construction, such as plywood or particle board. It also creates flooring that is waterproof, meaning it’s not vulnerable to mold or mildew like other wood floors. For example, if you spilled water on a WPC floor decking board, it would roll off the surface without creating an imprint or absorbing into the fibers. This is because these boards are chemically treated at manufacturing plants before they’re cut into planks to make them tough enough for a variety of different applications, such as porches or decks.

They are perfect for any room in your house

Wood plastic composite boards are the perfect combination of waterproof and wood, making them perfect for any room in your house. They’re great for kitchens because they’re easy to clean, easy to repair, resistant to water damage, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. wpc dielen 4 meter can also be used for bathrooms because they resist mold growth due to their waterproof core. WPC boards are also very durable so they last a long time without chipping or splitting.

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