Five Netflix Movies You Can Watch To Improve Your Spanish Language

There are many different ways to learn Spanish language. One fun and interesting way is to watch Spanish movies on Netflix. By watching Spanish movies, you will not only learn the language but also get to know more about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Netflix has some great Spanish movies with Spanish/English subtitles to help improve your language skills. By watching these movies, you’ll get a better understanding of how to use Spanish pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure. You’ll also learn new vocabulary words and phrases.

It’s effective, entertaining, and joyful for those of us who are staying inside this April, it counts as an indoor activity.

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Below are 5 Netflix movies that you can watch to improve your Spanish skills.

  1. El CiudadanoIlustre (The Distinguished Citizen) – 2016

The Distinguished Citizen, or El CiudadanoIlustre in Spanish, is a biographical novel written by Argentine author Andrés Neuman. Published in 2016, the movie has since won numerous awards and has been translated into over 20 languages. The movie tells the story of Wilhelm Müller, a German-Jewish émigré who fled to Argentina in 1938 just before World War II broke out. Müller settles in the city of Mar del Plata and becomes a prominent businessman and community leader.

  1. Veronica – 2017

Netflix’s latest Spanish-language original film, Veronica, is a horror movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It tells the story of a young woman who attempts to connect with her deceased parents by using a Ouija board, only to awaken something dark and sinister. The film has already been met with critical acclaim, with some reviewers calling it one of the scariest movies ever made. Whether you’re a fan of horror movies or not, Veronica is definitely worth checking out.

  1. El hoyo (The Platform) – 2019

“El hoyo” released in 2019 is a Spanish movie on Netflix that tells the story of four mining town friends who are all out of work after the mine they worked at closed. They come up with a plan to start their own business, but quickly realize that it’s not going to be easy. The film is shot in an area near Barcelona that was hit hard by the economic crisis. It has been very well-received by critics, with a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

  1. Quiéntecantará – 2018

Netflix’s latest Spanish movie offering is “Quiéntecantará” (2018), a story of love, loss, and music. After her mother dies, Verónica (Paula Echevarría) moves back to her childhood home to take care of her father. She rediscovers her passion for singing thanks to Diego (Javier Gutiérrez), a talented musician who helps her find her voice again. The film explores the healing power of music and features an original soundtrack by popular bands.

  1. Eye for an Eye – 2019

The 2019 Spanish movie “Eye for an Eye” tells the story of woman seeking revenge after her family is killed. The film explores the consequences of revenge and how it affects both the individual and society as a whole. While movie can be disturbing at times, it is ultimately interesting look at the human psyche and need for retribution.


These are the most popular movies you can watch on Netflix. These movies will not only entertain you but also help you understand the dialect. Want to learn Spanish then join the best Spanish institute in Mumbai and learn the language language without any hassle. Moreover, you can also attend Spanish language classes in Mumbai and Spanish language courses in Mumbai to immerse yourself in Spanish language.

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