Problems in Learning English and How to Improve Them

Are you experiencing problems and difficulties in learning English? If yes then, in this article, I will explain some of the problems English learners experience and how they can simply overcome them.

I will explain different ways for you to improve your English that I believe would be more simple and also fun at the same time.

– Poor English Vocabulary

Vocabulary plays a very significant role in English learning. Being one of the most integral parts of any language, vocabulary has its own importance and can’t be ignored in English learning classes in mumbai india. There are a myriad of words in the English dictionaries and it is almost impossible for you to learn them all. Even naive speakers don’t know them all. Having said that, you must work on improving your vocabulary in order to speak in English fluently. For this you must spend some time from your busy schedules to learn new words everyday and use them as much as you can in your daily life. The more you use those new words in your day-to-day conversation the more strongly you would be able to express yourself in English.

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The other problem that comes in is forgetting words soon after learning them. Now what’s the solution to this problem?

– How to remember new words

The best way to memorise new words is to devise a game that makes you use those words so frequently. Remember, you will not be able to learn using the right word at the right time or in a certain situation until you get the actual meaning of it. So do not forget to write down the meaning of every single word you are learning.  This is going to help you understand who word conveys what meaning. You can put these words into some gamification so you can memorise them well.

Learn at least 25 words in a day and then on the second day recall what you learnt and then try to use those words in the conversation with anyone you like. The implementation of those words in your daily life is very much crucial. You need to be accustomed to those words and never hesitate to express yourself in front of anyone you talk with. Keep checking your life and write the previous words on a paper so that you can strengthen your command over both spoken and written English.

Stuck with Spellings.

You will find hundreds and thousands of words in English that sound the same way when they are pronounced whereas their spelling are completely different.

For an instance,

  • Most of the employees in my company are………………………
    1. Male
    2. Mail
  • We saw ……………..while hiking in Kashmir
    1. Dear
    2. Deer
  • That’s …………………favourite shampoo
    1. Their
    2. There

As you can see the above words sound the same however they are spelled differently. This is one of the most critical problems that English learners face during their learning process.


It has been seen in many cases that English language learners simply develop a predisposition to feeling anxious. For many students, language learning classes can be a particular context that induces anxiety in them. This is kind of a phobia. These people may  encounter situations in language learning classes where their “Language-ego” is threatened.

Now the Anxiety can possibly have both positive and negative elements. There is a positive anxiety, similar to a feeling of gratification, that students might feel as a result of the opportunity that learning a new language offers to reimagine themselves in a new and positive way. Negative anxiety, on the other hand, can be in any form that makes them feel short. Here, a language learner is supposed to join any English learning institute to learn English.

Slang and colloquialism that lead confusion

Many people have admittedly said that this area is indeed another critical area for learning english. One can learn slang only when he becomes an active member of the local culture. This is indeed a specific area where you need very specific training that can be given by only local person.  Well, you indeed can take some help from the latest trends like famous TV shows in order to learn language.


English learners need to build motivation that can surely learn language and very soon they will be able to express in English. Here, the teachers can work on their Anxiety part and motivate them to be consistent in their efforts so that they don’t get away from their regular practice.

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