How to Write a BA Dissertation

Writing a BA dissertation is a capstone of your studies. Here are some tips to help you get started. Firstly, you should understand the requirements for the dissertation. You must submit your work three weeks before its defense. This time frame should be agreed upon with your supervisor. You should also make sure that masters dissertation help service follow the instructions given by your supervisor.

UNE’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) program

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program at UNE offers many options for students interested in the arts. This major is offered in several disciplines, and focuses on the creative side of the arts. It is designed to help students develop real-world skills and understand how art is relevant to other fields of study.

The Bachelor of Arts program offers students a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary and disciplinary studies with a strong focus on human society and culture. Graduates of this program will have the essential skills and knowledge required to succeed in the global job market. They will have a depth of knowledge within their specific fields, and will have developed an understanding of the boundaries of their respective fields as well as the need  economic thesis format.

Students can choose from among four specializations. A communication major can lead to careers in public relations, advertising, and journalism. It also prepares students to be effective communicators and apply their knowledge in the real world. This program is also a good preparation for graduate study.

The BA degree at UNE prepares students with critical thinking, analytical skills, and communication skills. It can prepare students for a variety of careers and can help them explore new interests. Students can also choose a degree in business or management to gain specialized knowledge in a particular area.

The capstone of your studies

The next to final year of a degree program is dedicated to completing a capstone project. This is an original research project, selected in consultation with your dissertation editing services and dissertation committee. In some programs, it is possible to select a more practical project that is not a dissertation. However, in the majority of programs, a dissertation is required.

Writing a dissertation

When writing a BA dissertation, there are many things to keep in mind. It’s important to stay organized and follow a plan. Break your dissertation into small parts, and assign time limits for each section. Also, remember to make regular back-ups of your work and maintain a comprehensive list of sources. Also, don’t forget to check spelling and grammar!

The format of your dissertation should be consistent with the style of the degree-awarding institution. Some institutions have a standard house style, and candidates should follow it. In addition, there are national and international standards that govern the presentation of the thesis. These standards include ISO 7144 for the format and style of your thesis, ISO 2145 for section numbers and bibliographic references, and ISO 31 for quantities.

It is important to research the topic of your BA dissertation carefully. This is because a well-researched dissertation will be more likely to impress the committee. Moreover, a dissertation written with good references is more likely to be accepted. While referencing is important, if you don’t know how to do it properly, it can ruin your efforts.

The purpose of a dissertation is to provide evidence to support an argument. It is important that you find a topic that interests you and is relevant to your field of study. A dissertation also contains a hypothesis and expected results. The dissertation’s scope is much broader than a thesis, and will require more work to develop.


The title page is an important element of the dissertation. It should provide a clear description of the dissertation’s topic. The title should be concise, but should not exceed three lines. The title page is usually considered page i for counting purposes. The copyright page, on the other hand, should not have a page number.

The topic of the dissertation should be engaging and meaningful, and should be relevant to the academic community. If you are having trouble choosing a topic, dissertation help services can use course materials and academic journals to find ideas. You can also consult newspapers, magazines, and other sources in order to find information that will help you in your research. The supervisor can also advise you on the feasibility and appropriate methods for your research.

Some universities require that the dissertation be examined before it can be graded. This examination may include an oral presentation or questioning by an examination committee. It is often conducted after the candidate has completed the thesis and submitted it to the university. The examiners will then read the thesis to determine if it meets the requirements.

When using figures and tables in a dissertation, they should be placed in the text as close to the first mention in the text as possible. Tables and figures should be properly numbered and labeled. If there is more than one figure or table, it is important to label the first one as “A” or “B” respectively.


In order to submit a BA dissertation, students should follow some basic guidelines. First, they must create a fully formatted PDF file of their dissertation. This file should have a name such as “PGR dissertation submission,” “student’s first name, student number, and dissertation title,” and be labeled with their name, first name, and student ID. It is possible to upload physical materials along with the dissertation using the Facility for Uploading Large Files.

Generally, BA theses are more comprehensive than term papers and require primary data collection and analysis. Moreover, they should demonstrate appropriate methodologies and use analytical tools to answer policy questions. In addition to the University regulations, students should follow departmental guidelines and follow the proper format for their BA dissertation submission. It is also important to make sure that the thesis is laser printed on international A4 white paper that is 70 to 100g/m2.

The font size of your BA dissertation should be between 10 and 12 points. All figures and tables should have their top on the left-hand side. In addition, you should ensure that they align with the spine of your dissertation. It is also important to make sure that page numbers are centered and not under the figure or table. Additionally, your BA dissertation submission should have adequate margins. The binding edge of the page should be at least 40mm and the rest of the margins should not be less than 15mm. Moreover, you should also ensure that the running head is within the recommended margin.

Lastly, before submitting your BA dissertation, make sure that your thesis is free of errors. A proper proofreading will help you avoid making any mistakes that might affect your grade. If you notice any problems with your thesis, don’t hesitate to contact your degree committee.

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