Casual vs. Formal: A Fall Guide to Platform Heels and Sandal Wedges

Heels and wedges might seem like two sides of the same coin, but in many situations, they aren’t interchangeable. They can both be cute and mesh well with your outfit, but they are specific styles that are called for on different occasions. It’s always a good idea to have a pair of platform heels and your favorite wedges ready to go this fall. You never know when something will pop up that will call for one or the other. Here’s a guide to everyday fall events and the best choice for each one.

Dinner at That Restaurant

Every city has that restaurant—the one visiting movie stars eat at and the one that puts your downtown on the map. Sooner or later, you’ll have a reason to make a reservation here this fall—a success at school, a job promotion, or an anniversary. This is the best time to slip into your platform heels and look right at home. To this end, grab your sleekest, blackest pair of heels and pair them with a fancy cocktail dress.

Alternative: Lunch on the Patio

While a platform shoe is suitable for a fancy dinner inside, a more lighthearted lunch on a restaurant’s patio is the perfect time to break out your sandal wedges. In fact, fall often has the ideal weather for enjoying a refreshing meal outside. Right now, it isn’t too hot or too cold. It’s the best weather to pair your wedges and a favorite sundress for an outfit that shines.

Going to the Game

Sports are starting back up again. Whether you are tailgating with friends before the local professional team’s game or watching your little one’s first game, this is an excellent opportunity for an outfit that breaks the mold. Sandal wedges fit the casual vibe and are versatile enough to pair with jeans. Get a pair with flowery and colorful straps to stand out, or let your jersey do the talking with a pair of black wedges.

Alternative: Attending a Charity Event

While sports games are a more casual event, a charity event can be a more professional occasion that calls for platform heels. There are so many kinds of charity events you might go to this fall—school fundraisers, auctions hosted by your work, or a dinner at the community center. This is an excellent time to wear fun platform heels that combine class and lightheartedness. Colorful heels or ones with floral or animal print patterns are a good way to show how excited you are to be helping.

The Perfect Fall Wedding Begs for Platform Heels

Fall is a classic season for weddings. The colors make for a beautiful ceremony, and you can’t beat engagement pictures with leaves falling in the background. As a guest or part of the wedding party, you want to look right at home with your choice of wedding shoes. That’s why you need platform heels. A tan pair with stylish ankle straps and buckles can make you look almost as good as the bride.

Alternative: Friendly Fall Parties Need Some Good Sandal Wedges

Just like fall is great for an outdoor wedding, it’s an excellent season for casual parties with your friends. Barbecues, game night, or even just catching up over some pizza. You want to bring some sunny fun to the final days you can spend outside this year. So, wear your sandal wedges and rock your favorite casual warm-weather outfit.

You want to get the most out of your wedges and heels this fall, and you can at these events.

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