3 Cuisines That Are Hot on the Portland Catering Scene Right Now

When it comes to catering options, Portland, Oregon, is no slouch. You can find cuisines of all kinds to feed groups of all sizes. But in recent years, and especially in 2022, some standout options have been wowing businesses all over the city. If you’ve been looking to mix things up with catered team member lunches or have an event, here are a few Portland catering options to check out. These options go above and beyond in terms of flavor and selection—flavor and selection that everyone is talking about!

In Portland, It’s All Brunch, All the Time

Most people associate brunch with the weekend. They hit their favorite spot during the late morning/early afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday. For folks in Portland, that window of opportunity isn’t enough. It’s a trend that’s popping up around the country—all brunch, all the time. It’s gotten easy to find Portland catering services that offer brunch menus all the time. Many brunch menus combine traditional breakfast foods and typical lunch fare. Though, you can often find options with a unique twist depending on which caterer you choose.

For instance, at Cheryl’s on 12th, you can get breakfast sandwiches—a standard brunch affair. Or you can get their Portuguese fried rice for something a little different. It features fried rice with linguica sausage, bacon, eggs, green onion, and avocado. And yes, it’s incredibly delectable. They also do vegetarian fried rice that’s loaded with all kinds of roasted veggies.

Portland Catering Goes Next Level Vegetarian

Portland catering pros and restaurants never shy away from experimenting and innovating. If you’re looking for top-notch vegetarian or vegan options, Portland delivers. There’s Mac’d, which offers all kinds of vegetarian and vegan options. Get mac made with traditional elbow pasta, or go low-carb with cauliflower pasta. Pair that with the vegan cheese sauce and mix in all kinds of veggies. Mac’d offers dozens of vegetarian options and combinations that are absolutely mouthwatering.

You can also find the chain Veggie Grill in Portland. They focus on vegan options. They do sandwiches and burgers made with plant-based meats, pastas, salads, and more. When you’re catering a team member lunch and have vegetarians and vegans on the team, Veggie Grill has you covered. Of course, there are many more vegetarian and vegan options for all your Portland catering needs, but these two stand out.

Portland Catering Rediscovers the Art of the Sandwich

Like all other cuisines, Portland isn’t afraid to have a little fun with sandwiches. Sandwiches are among the most popular catering options for team member lunches and company events. They’re just so undeniably easy. Charlie’s Deli is a Portland catering option that goes all out with their sandwiches. They load every sandwich with flavorful, high-quality ingredients.

What sets Charlie’s Deli apart from many other Portland catering choices is their variety. Many caterers tend to offer just a few sandwiches. But Charlie’s Deli goes for it. Get their Croque Monsieur Sandwich or the Charlie’s Reuben Sandwich. Or the Prime Rib Philly Cheese Sandwich. The list goes on!

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