College Fashion Essentials for girls


 College life is the phase of your life where you can enjoy, fulfill your dreams and make your personality amazing by your communication, Dressing style  and so on. At present the college student especially girls. Rather than wearing hoodie and jeans they used to wear the trendy outfits at college.  The fashion industry have much more option to offer to the constantly growing demand to the young generation. 


How girls can dress to college – Tip on college dressing style


According to majority of teenager or girls in college. There dressing sense only represents their personality and individualism. The perfect dressing sense also represents their academic career, discipline and attitude.But may be you dont know what’s your personal sense of style is. If you cant able to translate your style then,Yes, you are at the right platform. 


College Fashion must have in your Wardrobe


The ultimate guide to what every girl must have in wardrobe to keep up with the fashion. Get a few basic oversized shirts, Long shirts, Tops, Sweater, Jacket and so on. Tarefaan offers different varieties of college style Oversized shirt for women

To know about college fashion deeply, then go ahead-


1. Style up with Shirts  – 

    Shirts gives the simple, sweet and formal look the one who wear that to college. Shirts makes ones look cool and comfortable. Get you and wardrobe style with some oversized shirts, long shirts which you can in up. These shirts definitely reflects your personality attractive.


2. Sweaters –

   You can make your look sassy and feel comfortable by wearing sweater at winters. I personally dont used to love to wear sweaters earlier. But recently i find some interesting and warm sweater from tarefaan. Tarefaan offers different varieties of stylish sweaters, Jackets for both girls and boys. If you also want to stylish sweaters then you must visit Tarefaan.


3. Jeans –

Your wardrobe is incomplete if you dont have Jeans. Jeans is a madatory outfit to wear at college. Girls can go without books an important stationary items. But dont forget to wear jeans at college.While wearing jeans to pay attention towards the quality, length, and fabric of the jeans.

4. Cute Tops-

       The tops give you simple and cute look. You can change your look by twinning top with skirt. I usually wear tops with pants and skirts that enhance my look. You can also go with basic crop tops , which totally gives you a sassy look. To attend party in college,you can definitely go with party wear came top. If you want stylish tops then you can definitely visit Tarefaan. Tarefaan offers different varieties of stylish Party wear tops for women.


5. Leggings and hoodies- 

I usually prefer to go college with the combination of legging and hoodies. It definitely gives a classy look. Definitely leggings and hoodies for casual,lazy days,a cute dress for a more unbeated day and a fun party dress in sequins for drinks with the girls or a juice kegger


Conclusion –

So, for what are you waiting apply the above tips and make you and your wardrobe stylish. Above are the college essentials that you must have in your wardrobe. 

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