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Buying Art Online Has Given Us Exposure to The Great Old-Age Artists

Although the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has left our world mutilated and dilapidated, it can be truly said that the only recovery that the world has seen is through the arts. Whether it be poetry, a dance form, paintings, sculpture, or even a heavenly football pass. Art has helped us create a coping mechanism for humankind. While a majority of the population suffers deeply and struggles to take a breath.

However, social distancing norms and stay-at-home directives have left us long-detached from different forms of arts. Mostly those that have a physical expression. In light of this, technology has taken its rightful place to help people mingle with different forms of art as they used to do. It is due to technology that we have the presence of online art galleries and exhibitions. That help us get intimate with the latest offerings of our age. Since everything is online, walking through the halls of an online abstract exhibition while actually wearing your AR/VR glasses is quite a possibility these days! You can consume the feel of the art from the comfort zone that is mind-blowingly blissful to you.

Why visit online art galleries?

Online art galleries and stores have replaced traditional art galleries, museums and auction houses. These online art websites use high-quality pictures that let you understand the artwork detailing. The idealised figures and shapes are visible distinctly because of the high resolution of the images. The displayed colours are also made to look very vibrant and luminous.

With the help of these art galleries, we get access to many more artworks than the physical art galleries. In traditional art galleries, only a few artworks are available for us to see. But in online art galleries, we get to view many more classic old-age artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and installations and appreciate them at our own leisure.

Some great old age artists include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Vermeer.

Buying art online in India: a cherished experience

Following are the ways to buy paintings online India has given us exposure to the grand old age Indian artists.


In traditional art galleries and museums, we get minimal information regarding the works of art. They only showcase the essential information about the artists and the results, which takes away the true essence of art.

But online art galleries provide adequate information about the work displayed on their website. Knowing the true history of art is very important as it enables us to understand our past and how it is connected to the events taking place in the present world. It also helps us to learn about the richness of various cultures and societies in the past.

Understanding classic arts gives us a glimpse into the past and lets us know what life was like in the era when the painting has done.

We also get to know about the people living in that era. And their historical events which had classical artists captured on the canvas. And by understanding the history and philosophical significance of the artwork. One can decide which work particularly resonates with them and intrigues their artistic inclinations. Therefore, the urge to buy paintings online in India helps us better understand India’s age-old artists and make an informed decision on whether to invest in the artwork.


In earlier times, people travelled far and wide to see the art of old age artists. Due to this, many people who are fond of painting could not enjoy all these masterpieces. But with the advancement of computer science and technology, online art galleries have emerged through. So people can easily view all these fantastic pictures. And learn about the history of a particular culture which is reflected through the works visually.

The modern-day generation gives utmost importance to their convenience. They attracted to such services for which they have to exert the least effort. With the help of just a click and simple scrolling, one can choose the piece of art they want to get their hands on. This accessible buying facility enables more people to invest in the artworks as they don’t have to travel across cities and spend hours to buy art online.

Low price and transparency:

Prices are higher in the traditional art galleries as they add their profit to the cost of the gallery. The price transparency is also better in online art galleries because the traditional ones don’t show the prices unless you have specifically asked them about the work’s cost. Even then, the price is so high that it exceeds your budget and feasibility.

Whereas online art galleries help you to choose the work you want to buy while letting you stay within your budget. You can also compare and contrast the prices of similar paintings sold by different sellers. To analyse if the current price offered by the gallery is justifiable. This increases the engagement of the art lovers, who develop their interest to buy art online from the great old-age artists.

Digging information:

Because of the easy access to the art world, art lovers get intrigued by the artist’s perspective. And thought process behind the execution of such creative activities. And they end up researching about the artist to know the origin, the achievements of the artist, their passions and what they are most recognised for. This plays a significant role in giving us exposure to the great old age artists if we buy art online.


If you want to buy paintings online India, then you must check out the following websites- Artshoppy, Fizdi, Artsera, Artzolo, YouArt, My Indian Art, Best of Bharat, and Indigalleria. These websites deal in exclusive art collections and often go for goodwill cause sales. Giving you an added incredible feeling to buy your favourite art pieces online!

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