How Does Vaping Affect Your Oral Health

Vaping is constantly compared to smoking which is because of its visible similarity to smoking. But most people are unaware of the compositions of cigarette smoke and vape clouds and the difference between these two. There is a huge difference between traditional cigarettes and disposable vapes like elf bar 1500, and that is because the ingredients and processes involved in these two are quite different.

Vaping is 95% Safer Than Smoking:

A lot of people forget that disposable vapes like elux legend 3500 puffs and super stix vape 4000 were introduced as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. Hence, they are meant to be better than the regular cigarettes as they were materialised keeping this notion in mind that they should be even better and more entertaining than the usual ones.

As all the other nicotine replacement therapies lacked something that made people lose their consistency, e-cigarettes were introduced to give people the feeling of smoking from a cigarette in order to help them quit smoking over time. The e-liquid used in disposable vapes is regulated by Tobacco Products Directive.

So, we can safely say that e-cigs are 95% safer than smoking. It does not cause as much strain on your physical and mental health as smoking does. The same goes for your oral health.

Vaping & Your Oral Health:

There is no doubt that smoking rots your teeth, causes discolouration, gives way to many oral infections, and sometimes it also leads to oral cancer. While all of this sounds scary, people still love to smoke as they find relief in it. The champion of providing relief through all this process is just one party – nicotine!

Disposable vapes work by heating e-liquids which contain nicotine. In fact, most of them have Nic Salt in them, which is even better than the natural one. Now the question arises, does vaping also lead to all these problems as smoking does? The answer to it is explained below briefly:

●     Staining of Teeth:

The good news is: Vaping does not lead to teeth discolouration or staining. At least, not as fast as smoking does. The key figures behind causing staining of teeth are tar and ash produced by burning tobacco. There is no such thing as tar and ash in vaping as e-liquid is heated instead of burning. So, you are on the safe side here.

●     Teeth Decay:

Vaping does not cause teeth decay as soon as you start using disposable vapes. There is a chance that it might happen but that will be because of excessive and long-term use of e-cigs. There is one more key factor in decaying your teeth faster, and that is the long-term use of sweet flavours. Sugar stimulates the production of bacterial acid that decay your teeth. So, you should be mindful while using flavoured vapes for the long term.

●     Gum Diseases:

Vaping can expose you to gum diseases as your gums will weaken when they are exposed to hot vapours for an extended period. To avoid the early onset of gum diseases, you can try to switch between inhaling hot and cool vapours by using varied ratios of PG/VG e-liquids and by changing your vaping styles from plus-ohm to sub-ohm.

●     Bad Breath:

Using disposable vapes does not lead to as bad breath as smoking does. On the contrary, most of the time, vaping will give you a pleasant outlook as it contains many delicious flavours which leave a delightful scent behind.

If you face dry mouth issues due to vaping, you should drink more water as it will be better for your oral health. Most concerns of vapers regarding their oral health are mentioned above. Hopefully, this information will satisfy your curiosity!

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