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Best Free Ways To Increase YouTube Views In 2022

You face stiff competition if your video’s objective is to gain YouTube views. Nonprofits ultimately compete with cat videos for their audience’s attention or you can say they want to increase YouTube views, as we frequently advise our video customers.

This means that engaging movies for nonprofits are required, not just educational ones. Your audience is much more likely to visit your website to learn more about your cause or campaign if you can hook them with an engaging video. However, you must first arouse people’s emotions by making them laugh, weep, or think about something in a fresh and intriguing way.

What should you do first to draw folks in? You must watch your video! YouTube is a terrific way to be found because it is the second-largest search engine in the world (just behind Google). When posting your video, you can improve the likelihood that viewers will find it and watch it by considering your audience and their search preferences.

The following nine strategies will help you to increase YouTube views for your company’s video without having to spend more on digital advertising:

Best ways to increase YouTube views :

  1. Include it on your YouTube page first.

Make sure your video is the featured video on the home page as soon as you add it on YouTube. The most recent version of your video should be visible to everyone visiting your organization’s YouTube channel. It puts the video at the centre of the YouTube user’s attention and gives your company a modern, relevant, and up-to-date appearance.

This will help you to increase YouTube views most.

  1. Pick a strong thumbnail.

It probably won’t be very intriguing if you let YouTube choose your thumbnail for you. Use the screenshot function on your computer to take a screenshot of an emotionally stirring scene from your video, then upload it in the video settings.

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  1. Use a succinct and captivating title.

It’s not necessary for your video’s title to accurately explain your video in terms that your administration can understand. Think on what would entice you to click on a video when creating your title, and focus on the audience. (Upworthy headlines can serve as a good source of ideas.) Additionally, try to keep it short; a title that isn’t cut off and is less words is better for click-throughs.

  1. Select tags that will be beneficial to SEO.

You ought to use YouTube as a search engine as your constituents do. Make sure the tags for your videos contain the keywords that your supporters are using to find you. Always keep in mind that search terms aren’t always a precise description of the video.

  1. Compose an effective video description.

Instead of describing what is happening in the video, think about telling a tale in your video description. Remember to be amusing and keep in mind that the description section is not the place to make a message. PETA’s “Circuses in 60 Seconds Flat” video performs a superb job at using video descriptions to tell a tale.

  1. Benefit from YouTube’s nonprofit annotations.

We were advising NGOs on how to use video annotations back in 2009, so it’s amazing how little knowledge there is about them. Annotations that offer a link where viewers can take action should appear at least 30 seconds into your video and just before it ends.


These are some of the best ways to increase YouTube views. If really want to increase your YouTube views count then you can follow these ways and achieve what you want, whether you want to do fashion related video’s promotion or YouTube music promotion.

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