Baume & Mercier Replica Creighton Watch – Emotional Flow with Moon Phases

Replica watches: The topic of human beings will never leave emotion from beginning to end. What things in nature can help human beings understand lovesickness? I think the moon is the most appropriate medium, because usually the night is the loneliest. There are countless love songs with the theme of the moon. It can probably reveal the most vulnerable side of people’s inner world, and only rely on the moonlight to save them. No matter what kind of emotion, sending lovesickness to the moon is romantic and gentle.

The most eye-catching thing about a watch is the dial, but when you pick up this watch and examine it carefully, you will find that the profile of a watch is very important. The side of this watch is polished very smooth and very textured. That light metallic luster is the best proof of high quality.

The crown of this watch is round, so it is very comfortable to twist the crown, and the design of the side of theBaume & Mercier fake, fake watches crown similar to the gear is polished very angular. The protruding brand LOGO is impressive, it seems to show the brand imprint and at the same time express the fearless attitude of daring to show the quality. perfect replica watches

The movement model is printed on the back of the case, and the advantage of the stainless steel material is that scratches will not be troubled by small bumps in life. Many people think that the stainless steel case is not luxurious. In fact, this is not the case, because the grinding of stainless steel requires cutting-edge technology as support. Among many stainless steel cases, such a grinding process is already high-end.

The case on the side without the crown is very smooth and shiny, and under the sunlight, it will show the good quality of Baume & Mercier stainless steel. Of course, the smoothness of the side curvature cannot be judged from the crown side, but from the side without the crown,

you can feel the polishing process of a stainless steel watch itself and the cutting-edge technical content in this field.

The clasp of this watch is made of stainless steel, which is carefully polished

and has a LOGO engraving as an embellishment, which is very delicate. Although it is a stainless steel watch, careful observation will reveal that the clasp adopts a frosted design,

which not only shows the texture but also shows a proud taste.

replica watchesFor the lugs, it masters part of the beauty of the case and the comfort of the wearer. On the case of this watch, the crown is linked to the case, which is very comfortable. perfect replica watches

The watch is powered by an automatic mechanical movement, model Dubois D├ępraz 9000,

with 25 jewels and a power reserve of 42 hours. If you go out to watch the moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival night,

such a power reserve function may come in handy. As a relatively high-end movement of the Baume & Mercier replica family, this automatic mechanical movement can provide perfect protection for your travel.

For all beautiful things, we may not be able to fully control or master it. When we stand on the surface of the earth and observe the moon with the naked eye, it is a very romantic thing in itself.

And when you feel the bright light of the moon with your heart,

you may find that many of the secrets. When the moon can express lovesickness, no matter the sky or the sea, it can be close at hand.

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