A Comparative Airtable Software vs Bitrix24 Review 2022

A Comparative Airtable Software vs Bitrix24 Review 2022

Airtable is a cloud-based collaborative app developer that streamlines CRM. Bitrix24 covers a wide range of features to push CRM and improve team collaboration. Airtable is an app-developer software that helps you visually envision the most user-friendly platforms for your customers. Created in 2012, the Airtable review enhances provides workflow solutions, automated workflows, and templates to design your products. On the other hand, Bitrix24 was also invented in 2012 and it also targets CRM but provides a more diverse ensemble of features.  

This Airtable software vs Bitrix24 software will compare the two based on their features and prices.  

Airtable Functions 

You can create interface designers without a code as your data is made flexible through this latest feature of the Airtable software. Moreover, the data that you import is not only actionable but shareable with your team members thus creating a dynamic space for teams to collaborate. Moreover, users can benefit from the drag and drop option for a fully customized design. In fact, with the interface designer, you can shape a dashboard that is suitable for your stakeholders.   

Airtable Automations takes off the burden that comes with all the details regarding management. Users can, instead, automate their process through integrated apps such as Slack, Facebook, and Google Workspace.  

Bitrix24 Functions 

Bitrix24 has its own list of features for CRM, tasks, projects, sites, automation, and collaborations. It integrates Gantt and Kanban for visual planning, time tracking for deadlines, chats and video calls for communications, and also web forms for sites. Bitrix24 review lets you create a knowledge base so that team members can access the same information as well. Moreover, it enables you to automate the billing, generate quotes, and invoices, and also supports online payments. The features for HR management provide an employee directory, work time tracking, absence management, and so on. 

Airtable Pricing

Airtable cost is based on four options for users:

1. Free

The free plan consists of seven features that can use to create unlimited bases and have unlimited commenters on documents. It can sustain up to five creators or editors working towards the same goal. Furthermore, up to 1,200 records per base can be stored while there can only be one app per base.

In addition, the free plan accommodates 2GB of file storage space and 1 sync integration. Overall, small teams and even individuals can utilize this plan.

2. Plus

The plus plan costs $10 and it suite for startup teams. This plan is able to take things to the next level with 3 apps per base and 4 sync integrations. Moreover, it also upgrades records with 5,000 records per base. Users are also equipped with 5GB of attachment storage space and the ability to create custom-branded forms too.

On top of that, users are able to access 6-month revision as well as snapshot history. Automatic table syncing further ensures that the overall burden is reduced.

3. Pro

The pro plan integrates all the features available on the plus plan whereas it bills $20 due to its additional benefits. For instance, it can facilitate 10 apps per base, 50,000 records per base, and 20GB of attachment storage as well. Another thing that makes pro an attractive plan is that it provides Gantt and Timeline view thus enhancing visual support for management.

The field and table editing is also limited through permissions and control residing with the right members.

4. Enterprise

The final payment option is the enterprise that facilitates unlimited workspaces per organization and unlimited apps. Moreover, it integrates Salesforce and Jira for premium CRM and has a SAML-based single sign-on. The enterprise-wide admin panel establishes control across the board as well.

The cost of the enterprise payment plan is not shared on the Airtable website but users can contact sales to get a private quote.

Bitrix24 Pricing

The Bitrix24 pricing is divided into the four following plans:

1. Free

This 100% free-of-cost plan accommodates collaborative work with chats, HD video calls, feed, knowledge base, calendar, and a company workspace. It is, at the same time, quite helpful when it comes to tasks and projects. You can set responsible team members, check task status summaries, set checklists, set tasks to email, and reminders.

Users can create up to 5 teams on their Scrum boards too. CRM features include unlimited deals and unlimited contacts. And lastly, it offers up to 5GB of data storage space as well.

2. Basic

The basic plan covers a wide range of Bitrix features and it costs $39. It provides 25GB of attachment space for data storage. Communication between users establishes on the basis of a complete chat panel. Webmail is further utilized by this plan thus enabling users to create CRM deals from an email, create tasks, and also discuss email in the feed.

Some other features of this plan include task delegation, task control, and even task rating. The contact center incorporates telephone as well as email.

3. Standard

The Standard Bitrix24 plan costs $79 and it has features that cater to marketing as well as managing online documents that are not provided in the other two. It improves marketing as users can send bulk emails, bulk SMS, robocalling, and a sales generator. It integrates social media features like Facebook messenger, Instagram direct message, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram for that purpose. Users are able to send targeted social media advertisements through Facebook and Google Ads.

4. Professional

The professional plan is suitable for enterprise-grade businesses and supports an unlimited number of users. The price per user begins at $179 and has many elements that are not available on other plans. For instance, it covers analytics reporting with ad playback reporting, traffic analysis, and keyword analysis.

Airtable Review vs Bitrix24 Review

Based on the list of features provided and pricing, it can be assumed that while Bitrix24 costs more than Airtable, it is able to provide assistance that can prove helpful in the long run. On the other hand, Airtable targets specific queries regarding app development. Airtable demo is another insightful way of learning about its functions. Likewise, Bitrx24 has a 24-minute demo available upon request.

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