3 Best Free SuiteCRM Plugins you should not miss

Learn here how many free SuiteCRM plugins are available that will ease the backbreaking of CRM software handling.

SuiteCRM is one of the leading open-source software that gives you a complete insight into your customer and business. To outgrow your sales and marketing department, this CRM software is a better choice to adapt. 

We inform you that it is open-source so it simply means there is no investment if you choose this CRM for business. Top industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, technology, finance, etc are working on SuiteCRM. 

Business benefits when choosing SuiteCRM

Check the benefits list first then we will move ahead to know the free products of this CRM:

  1. The software will enable companies to get sales automation modules. The benefit to a business would be curating the sales pipeline and increasing sales faster. Add these benefits too: hike in conversion rate, automated personalized quotes sharing, provide an opportunity to pursue first and last leads, etc. 
  2. Start making reports in real time by going to the reports modules. The business team department can seek data from CRM to create a report and let you display information in real time. 
  3. Numerous marketing tasks such as email sharing can be fully automated. This CRM is here to save the precious time of every marketing team department. Use it to take your marketing task to new heights. 
  4. Leveraging Case management modules assist organizations to handle all customer queries swiftly. You can also use the power of workflow to track resolution times. A user can also monitor case categories.                        

 List of SuiteCRM addons that need no investment

Now it’s time to inform our readers about Free SuiteCRM plugins that are genuinely helpful plus need no money. Read out thoroughly

Record Restore manager

When your CRM record gets deleted, restore it from the Record restore manager product. Introduced by Outright Store, it helps in restoring all the accidental deleted records you need. 

Complicated method? No, in a single click you can restore all deleted records from CRM. In this way, you can start working on that. This helps businesses to boost productivity and time. It never lets you call any experienced CRM developer for restoration purposes. 

This SuiteCRM extension helps in restoring deleted records in any CRM module. A user is not restricted to a particular module for this task. 

SuiteCRM Recycle Bin (Lite) provides a single record restoration process. To restore multiple at the same time, you need to choose the Premium plan (Paid) of this product. 

Server health check

Another astonishing product that helps in monitoring your server health is a Server health check. The reason why to use it first is it gives a complete view of your server’s health status. A user will get the report of RAM consumption, CPU usage, and Disk space. 

The plugin will provide the functionality to share instant reports of server health. You will receive all the server health status reports at the end of the day. 

The extension is a super exceptional choice if you want to add 5 more different disks. Track every single disk easily. The product is supported in all versions of SuiteCRM. 

Activity Monitor

Let this product handle the task of monitoring user activity to know who updated the records, who deleted something from CRM, etc. One of the essential add-ons called Activity monitor of SuiteCRM is useful for this operation. 

The plugin is capable of sharing user activity reports on your email and is suitable for all core and custom modules. 

Use it to know which employee accesses which record and how many times. Further, when you receive an email, you can directly open that record to get details in-depth. 

This is a Bonus:

We have another free-of-cost plugin that no one knows yet. The name is Bulk field importer of SuiteCRM

Why choose this plugin for your organization?

You don’t need to create custom fields one by one manually to save social media profile info. A product like Bulk field importer saves a heap of time by importing various fields from CSV to SuiteCRM faster. 

Also, this one-by-one creation of fields does not only take time but also ruins productivity. So, adapt this free SuiteCRM Plugins to work faster and can focus on other brain-engaging work. 

The plugin supports any kind of field but is not limited to Text, checkbox, etc. Ultimately, it can parse special characters, alphanumerics, etc. 

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Outright Store provides easy installation and better features products related to SuiteCRM and SugarCRM software. Our developers have built several extensions that provide mind-blowing functionalities and make every operation hassle-free. We are experienced in the CRM industry and we have shared the best suitable services with every business

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