Mailchimp pricing plans for your marketing business

Are you planning to switch from an overrated marketing tool to rich marketing software that can perfectly handle your business? You search and get numerous tools and you choose any by not knowing the functionality in-depth. That’s the biggest mistake. Because you need the versatile tool of marketing, Mailchimp always stays on the top. But what is it and how many Mailchimp pricing plans are there to choose from? Read out thoroughly-

What is Mailchimp software?

An email marketing software that gives you the right target market when you take the advantage of automation to deliver important templates to the audience. The software not only helps in yielding high revenue but is also super exceptional to grow every organization. 

This tool of marketing can sync with more than 300+ apps. 

The reason why it is a sublime marketing software

Manager: Have you shared the email campaign last week with your target market?

The Team: Yes, it was done successfully. 

Manager: Do you have complete stats of how many have opened your email? 

The team: There is no exact figure but yes, more than thousands of audience.

Manager: What about the audience who unsubscribes after you send? Please share that update.

The team: Well, it is difficult to provide but we will work on this and soon gonna update you. 

We believe you understood the above conversation between the team and their manager. They are successful with the email campaign sharing with their contact list. But they are totally clueless about how many opened emails, the number of unsubscribes after emails sent, how many emails failed, and so on. This is where you need software like Mailchimp. How?

Every analytic at your fingertips. Share a bunch of email newsletters and get actionable insights from this marketing platform. Moreover, businesses should make it mandatory to catch such insights because it helps to grow better in the future. You can prepare a better campaign next time. Also, it keeps you closer to increasing sales and revenue.

Steps to send a campaign to non-subscriber

This is something new for most of you. Basically, small-scale sectors look for this to get more audience for their organization. Have a look-

  • First, click on Audience and then click on Audience dashboard.
  • Now click on the current audience drop-down if you have plenty of audiences.
  • Your next step is to select “Manager audience drop-down” 
  • You have to choose Sign-up forms now
  • The last step is to tap on the Form builder

Several emails you can send without any charges? 

When you dive into Mailchimp pricing plans, you will get to know that there is a Free plan for all organizations. But this free plan includes up to 2000 contacts and a user can send 10,000 emails per month only. This is the only benefit you can seek from the Free plan. 

Also, there is a functionality to attach any business document that can send through Mailchimp. The software is providing free file hosting for this operation. If the document is embedded with audio, video, or spreadsheet then it’s okay to share. 

Steps to use Mailchimp software with Gmail

  • First off, add your campaign recipients to the contacts
  • Now just label those contacts in “Contacts” and then compose an email
  • The third step is to choose the recipient of your campaign by entering the name of the label
  • Select the email template according to your choice
  • Click on the Send button 

Do you know how to create a new audience with this marketing software?

  • First, click on Audience and then click on Audience dashboard.
  • Now click on the current audience drop-down
  • Click on create a new audience
  • Enter all the info in the field provided

Pricing plans for Mailchimp tool

  • Free plan
  • Essentials Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Premium Plan

First, we will talk about the “FREE” plan where users can assign emails up to 2000. It will provide the functionality of the Mailchimp domain and also Marketing CRM (Custom Relationship Management) benefit. 

The second Mailchimp plan is “Essentials” where a user gets the functionality of A/B Testing and Custom Branding. The Multi-step journeys function is also available. The cost of this plan is $10.21/month. 

Another superlative plan of this software is fixed with an abundance of features. It is “Standard” and you get the benefits of custom templates and Dynamic Content. Also, you can take the opportunity of a Customer Journey builder. It costs you $15.25/month.

The fourth Pricing plan name is “Premium” which provides Phone support and will always stay available to help you with any query. Take the big advantage of comparative reporting and even Multivariate Testing. The Premium plan price of Mailchimp is $305/month. 

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