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Wiki Biography of Minoo Rahbar Who is the wife of Jackson Galaxy?

Wiki Biography of Minoo Rahbar Who is the wife of Jackson Galaxy?

Minoo Rahbar, who is she?

Minoo Rahbar, an animal lover and cat rescuer, was born on August 8, 1960, in an undisclosed country, likely India, and currently holds American citizenship. She is best recognized for her extensive media exposure due to her personal relationship with ‘The Cat Daddy’ Jackson Galaxy. A cat behaviourist and TV program host. Since an undisclosed date, Minoo has also had several other accomplishments in her sometimes wealthy animal enthusiast vocation.

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Early childhood and education: Getting away from the terror

Minoo has never spoken much about her history because it was highly traumatic for her, and she has always been hesitant to do so. What is known is that she was reared as an only child by her father. And mother in an undisclosed native nation that was tormented by war at the time.

The family eventually made it to the United States, and Minoo began attending the US Grant School in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, at the age of ten. She graduated from this institution at some point. She went on to the University of California, Berkeley, where she received an undetermined degree in anthropology and graduated at an unspecified date.

Contributing to humanity as a career

Minoo began caring for stray animals (mainly cats) without expecting anything. According to sources, no one knows what kind of profession she had before becoming a celebrity among animal lovers. Minoo’s daily routine largely consisted of exploring the area and checking reports for any stray animals, bringing them back to her home, and rehabilitating them.

Minoo had a habit of asking around and finding perfect new owners for her prior patients after they had recovered. Minoo got the Kitten Rescue’s Advocacy Award during the 4th Annual Furball event in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood’s House of Blues after years of dedication to this profession. On one of these occasions, Rahbar met Jackson Galaxy, and once they became involved, Minoo was able to devote herself to this desire with much more capability.


She makes most of her money in 2019 by assisting her husband with his program. She co-owns Jackson Galaxy Solutions with her husband, which distributes its brand of holistic remedies and cat supplies.

How did she meet and marry Michael Jackson Galaxy?

Due to Minoo’s aversion to discussing her personal life. There is no indication that she had any romantic partners before her spouse. After meeting at a kitten rescue benefit gala, Rahbar and Galaxy enjoyed coffee. The two quickly recognized their mutual attraction and began dating. They are thought to have been dating for a few years before marrying in a private ceremony in June 2014. With their dog Mooshka serving as the official ring bearer. They’ve been passionate about collaborating since they married, and they’ve contributed significantly to each other’s goals to date.

More information on her husband

‘The Cat Daddy’, Richard Kirschner, was born on April 28, 1966, in New York City, under the sign of Taurus. Jackson Galaxy is a Caucasian cat behaviourist, author, and television host who is 53 years old. He is most famous for his show “My Cat from Hell,” although he has also been in several other television shows, some of which he hosted.

He’s been in the entertainment industry since 2011, but his passion for animals predates his career. Jackson is the author of two New York Times best-selling books about animal rights. He also wrote a few other works on the subject, including

Influence of Minoo

Before meeting Minoo, Jackson preferred practically every type of diet, but she gradually altered her mind. She has been vegan for five decades, and her involvement with the cat behaviour expert led him to follow in her footsteps.

Another noteworthy detail is that Jackson never intended to marry. But he now considers his wife to be one of the most stable aspects of his life. To whom he frequently clings in times of need.

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