Why Mobile Automation Testing is important for Application Development?

There are many businesses regardless of size across the globe that relies heavily on their business specific mobile applications. Both earnings and losses can be monumental. Hence the mobile development and testing team should put in considerable efforts to build a high-end, full-fledged and high performance mobile application. In addition, the UI and UX of the application must also consider strategically. To ensure that the mobile testing process is improvised and taken to the next level, mobile automation testing is used. There are specific mobile app automation testing tools that can provide optimal and customer centric results. In this article, you will get to know the importance of mobile automation testing in the application development framework.

What is mobile automation testing?

Mobile app testing ensures that all features of the application work as expected. Performance, security, usability, accessibility, functionality, user experience, load time, and other application characteristics test to ensure they run correctly across various mobile devices, operating systems, and browsers.

The mobile automation testing platform makes the testing process more efficient and increases the testing speed. By leveraging the test automation platform and mobile app automation testing tools, businesses can expect a bug-free product delivered with utmost quality within the stipulated timeframe.

Following are the three key factors that depict the significance of mobile automation testing in an application development environment:

  1. The size of mobile application increases: When there is an increase in size of the mobile application beyond a certain point, the necessity of implementing mobile test automation comes into perspective. When the project grows then the test cases also grow especially the repetitive tests.

Managers analyze the need for automation by calculating the test cases that can automate. small application, for instance, has between 300 and 400 test cases that require automation. As the application size increases, the number also grows.

  1. The mobile application release versions have fewer changes: It takes considerable amount of time to release the first version of a full-fledged mobile application. Building an application, getting feedback, making adjustments, and then building it again is a circular process. But, there will be scenarios where the changes are very few or the mobile app is too big with lots of features.


In both of the above mentioned scenarios, there will be repetitive tests. Also, the same testing methods require on subsequent release versions. If repeated testing wastes resources and time, the cost will increase unnecessarily. Mobile test automation and suitable solutions should use to solve such a scenario.

The mobile automation testing platform can conduct pre-written tests on the mobile application automatically.

Also, you should read about:

  1. Longer mobile testing cycles: Longer test cycles indicate that there will be a delay in project delivery. The implication is that time is squandering’s on subjects that are essentially the same. Mobile test automation should combine with efficient automated testing strategies to solve this issue.

When test cycles become longer, then it becomes too difficult for testers to handle and this is when mobile test automation plays a key part. It can control project costs through the tactical implementation of mobile test automation. It also ensures a good ROI in the long run.

For Example:

A particular mobile app development project needs 48 hours of testing and say for suppose the tester works for 8 hours a day. If there is more than one tester, then cost and resources will also increase. This means it takes six days to complete the testing process.

On the other hand, mobile test automation will operate continuously. Therefore, the testing procedure finishes in just two days instead of taking six days. Resources and expenses for those four priceless days equal savings for four valuable days.


If you are looking forward to implementing mobile test automation solutions for your specific project, then do get connected with a premium software testing services company. The company will provide professional consultation in developing a high-end Mobile app testing strategy that can perfectly integrate automation. Thus provide feasible testing solutions that are in line with your project specific requirements.

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