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What Should You Know About Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions?

There are many ecommerce shopping cart solutions, but which one will best meet your business needs? In this article, we will compare X-Cart, ShopSite, Magento Commerce, and Volusion. To get a better understanding of each one, read our comparison table below. Here are some other important things to consider when choosing an ecommerce shopping cart. Listed below are some of their most important features.


X-Cart ecommerce shopping-cart solutions provide you with a robust, flexible, and secure platform to manage your online store. It is PCI-DSS-compliant and utilizes data encryption to protect your customers’ sensitive information. Stores are connected to your website via a secure HTTPS/SSL connection. Other security features include two-factor authentication, a backup and restore feature, and notifications of login attempts.

X-Cart is open source, which means you can easily modify the software to fit your specific needs. There are several services that come as standard, including loyalty programs, exit offers, and advanced banner systems. In addition to that, X-Cart stores feature a featured products and other products that your customers might have previously bought. Your customers can also see the recent products they’ve viewed and buy them at a later time. It also allows you to create a wish list and receive notifications when a package is overdue.

Choosing the right ecommerce shopping cart solution is vitally important. The best solution will enable you to sell more online and generate more revenue. But you must be careful – don’t choose a shopping cart without researching its reviews and customer service. If you’ve been paying thousands for a shopping cart solution that’s only able to display positive feedback, it might not be the best choice for you.

If you’re looking for a free version of X-Cart, be prepared to learn a little about this popular PHP ecommerce software. Using the free version of X-Cart gives you access to features like bulk import, one-page checkout, and XML sitemap generation. X-Cart also features an XML sitemap and refunds. The X-Cart shopping cart is an excellent choice, especially if you’re considering using it to build a store.

X-Cart offers a drag and drop editor to customize the look and feel of your website. In addition, you can customize a template’s CSS to create a unique look. X-Cart also has 67 payment gateways – 36 of them come with the software. If you need to sell internationally, you can opt for the X-Payments package, which adds 55 more payment gateway providers. X-Cart is PCI-compliant, ensuring that your customers’ data is secure.


The ShopSite ecommerce shopping cart software helps small businesses sell a variety of goods. This product was originally developed in 1996 as iCentral and continues to innovate in the field of eCommerce. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable features, ShopSite is a powerful tool for managing small inventories and selling both physical and digital goods. It is compatible with WordPress websites, making it a popular choice among a wide range of small businesses. Users can also host the software with any web host.

Payment processing is the backbone of any online store. If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you are probably aware of the process of processing credit card payments. Payment gateways take the customer’s payment information, confirm that there is sufficient fund in the merchant account, and then transfer the funds to your business. Popular payment gateways include PayPal and Google Checkout. ShopSite provides real-time shipping cost calculations so that users can know how much their order will cost.

Secure order retrieval ensures the safety of credit card information. Using a secure SSL connection, merchants can view orders on their computers without exposing sensitive information. Similarly, secure FTP and encrypted e-mails are used to send and receive orders. Most carts come with built-in security measures that protect customers’ personal information. If you are unsure about the security of your online store, you should check with your hosting provider. You can also opt for a free trial to see if it works for you.

Although ShopSite provides basic eCommerce functionality, it lacks essential features. Its weak SEO and marketing features limit its usefulness for larger online stores. Regardless of how many products you sell on your website, a platform that offers advanced reporting and marketing tools will allow you to keep up with your competitors and expand your online store. With this, ShopSite is not for beginners. If you’re looking for a full-featured ecommerce shopping cart software solution, Shift4Shop is the way to go.

Doba is a drop-ship provider. Your customers can order products directly from suppliers, which is an excellent option for small businesses. Doba is also an affordable option for those who want to run an online store. Doba provides a 14-day free trial, and offers a number of features that small businesses can use to enhance their online business. It has the highest user satisfaction ratings of all the shopping cart software.

Magento Commerce

One of the most widely used and most effective ecommerce shopping cart solutions today, Magento has a number of advantages. This powerful platform is highly flexible and scalable, enabling businesses to expand their business into new geographies and channels. Its ability to manage all sales channels helps businesses meet the changing demands of consumers. Additionally, it is mobile-friendly and responsive, accommodating the trends in consumer shopping. With Magento, retailers can control their retail and wholesale operations from a single platform.

Another key benefit of Magento is that it is open-source, which gives you complete control over your online channels. Magento allows you to customize your online stores to suit your specific needs and requirements. The platform is also extremely scalable and flexible, allowing for complete customisation. It also provides you with a comprehensive list of prominent features that will allow you to customize your online store. This makes it one of the most flexible and scalable eCommerce solutions available.

With Magento Commerce, you can streamline your management tasks by allowing you to schedule changes and content updates. It also automates product category assignment with intelligent rules that reduce the time needed for manual work. The intelligent rules of the system also help you to create dynamic categories. This allows you to manage multiple categories at once and increase the efficiency of your business. There are a number of other unique features of Magento 2 Commerce that make it one of the best ecommerce shopping cart solutions.

The open source edition of Magento Commerce offers the possibility for developers to change the source code and easily add features. This is a great option for small-to-medium-sized online stores, as it is free to download. Once you have your site set up, adding features is easy and quick. It also offers an analytics tool with AI that helps you understand how your sales are performing. And with the help of the Magento community, you can create gift certificates to encourage repeat business and increase customer loyalty.

The administration interface of Magento is highly intuitive. Besides powerful marketing and catalog management features, it is also SEO-optimized. This allows merchants to create an engaging online shopping experience that suits their business needs. The software also helps them deliver personalized promotions and commerce content. For more comprehensive analytics, Magento can help you create a personalized shopping cart and offer personalized customer support. You can also customize the shopping cart to be responsive across devices.


Volusion offers several different pricing tiers for its ecommerce shopping cart solutions. You can get a free 14-day trial of their Pro plan. A pro plan offers more features and supports unlimited items, while the mini plan is more expensive and comes with 100 products. You can upgrade to an enterprise plan for more features and more money. As a new user, you don’t need a domain name for Volusion, and they also offer a discount if you have more than one store.

Volusion ecommerce shopping cart solutions are very easy to use. A business can create a custom online storefront in minutes. They can also manage their inventory levels and payments without ever leaving the Volusion application. Moreover, Volusion allows you to set up multi-level pricing plans to maximize profits and avoid high setup costs. And because Volusion has been around for so long, there is no need to worry about running out of time and resources.

Volusion is also an excellent choice if you want to integrate your existing business processes with your new website. They work with over 80 third-party apps to integrate various business processes, including payment processing, order management, and social media. Moreover, they provide free and automatic tax calculation. And you can even integrate your Facebook or Pinterest storefront with Volusion. So, if you’re a big ecommerce business, Volusion can be a great option for you.

Volusion offers support for their clients round the clock. Besides live chat and email support, they have a dedicated team of account specialists to answer your questions and help you customize your store. You can also schedule phone calls up to 45 minutes and get help from their professional team. And if you ever encounter a problem, Volusion has 24/7 customer service. There are no transaction fees and they provide 24/7 assistance. They also offer an extensive library of resources and how-to videos.

The price ranges for Volusion’s ecommerce shopping cart solutions are competitive with their competitors. The top and bottom tiers are inexpensive, and the middle tiers are comparable. The middle tiers lack some features, but are competitive depending on what you need. Some of the lower-tier features are limited to PayPal, while others offer integration with other payment processors. So, it’s worth checking out Volusion if you’re not quite sure about its price range.

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