Top four reasons to switch to square nuts for OEM industry

When it comes to nuts and bolts, they come in large varieties, shapes and sizes, and hex shape nuts are the commonly used nuts. But, using a square nut provides quite a few advantages to the users, especially in the OEM industry. The square nuts manufacturer ensures that their nuts are solid and sturdy so that they last for a longer period without any hassle. The article will discuss the advantages of using square nuts over hex nuts; let’s go ahead.

Easy to tight

As square nuts are of a four-sided shape, they have an equal distribution of force. They are easy to tighten as your tool grips the nut from the two opposite sides. Similarly, the square nuts are easy to loosen as opposed to fitting snugly onto a hex-shaped head. The square nuts have a greater surface area than the hex nuts, and they can grip more effectively when tightened.

Ideal for blind locations

Pliers and wrenches can quickly tighten or loosen the square nuts, making the square nuts ideal to be used in blind locations. The users can fix the nut without constant sight, an essential feature required for the OEM industry. Some areas in the vehicle are out of sight, and a square nut plays a significant role. Most lock nuts manufacturers have started manufacturing square nuts to ensure the demand according to the supply.

Quick gauge

When measuring the position of the nuts, square shape nuts work as a quick gauge. The quick visual of the gauge makes it simple for inspection, and it also reduces the risk of fastener failures on various applications. Quick gauging is necessary for the OEM industry as it requires multiple quality checks. The square nuts manufacturer ensure that their nuts are meeting the quality benchmarks, and they conduct random checks to ensure the quality.

Certified quality

Nowadays, square nuts manufacturer and lock nuts manufacturers focus on quality. For this, they undergo multiple quality checks and get certifications from reputed organizations. The buyer should ensure that they are buying only from the certified manufacturers to ensure the longevity of the nuts. The most common certifications for square nuts are IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. And the nuts should conform to DIN, JIS, IS, BS, ANSI, IFI and ISO standards.


Square nuts are gradually gaining popularity in comparison to hex nuts because of the abovementioned reasons. Super Screws is becoming a reliable brand for the square nuts, and it is a reliable brand for OEM manufacturers. The company is considered one of the best square nuts manufacturer and lock nuts manufacturers, which fulfils the requirements of OEM manufacturers. Apart from the square nuts, the company also manufactures other nuts like bolts, axles, engine studs, U-nuts, etc.; when your application calls for efficiency, you should consider using a square-shaped fastener such as a square nut. Get the advantage of these benefits and discover a world beyond the hex nuts.As square nuts are of a four-sided shape, they have an equal distribution of force. They are easy to tighten as your tool grips the nut from the two opposite sides.

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