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Best hospital in Multan for ENT treatment

People usually take ENT issues for granted, they think it is normal to have these minor problems. Often people experience temporary hearing loss. They constantly get irritated by this but they don’t do anything about it thinking it is normal. Many people have the issue of interrupted sleep, they are unable to sleep peacefully may be because of a clogged nose or any other annoyance and they too think that it is normal to live like this.

These so-called minor issues can be very frustrating and can affect a person’s daily life and performance. If you are constantly irritated by any of these issues it will become a hurdle for you to perform your daily tasks to the best of your ability. If you are experiencing any issue with your ear, nose, or throat, it can be an allergy or any other annoyance, then these issues are related to ENT and you should see an ENT specialist.

What do ENT doctors do?

ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctors are the specialists who treat any issue related to these parts. Many people don’t visit a specialist for headaches, temporary hearing loss, allergies, or interrupted sleep. The reason can be that people are not aware that these issues can be very serious if left untreated. And there are specialists who are trained to treat such issues. This temporary hearing loss can grow into complete hearing loss and can become a disability for life.

Interrupted sleep can bring more health issues like constant restlessness, irritation, and mood swings. If you don’t want to live like this anymore. Then you should see an ENT specialist to get rid of these issues permanently. A specialist will explain the reason and every step of treatment to you. To make it easy for you to understand and make you comfortable throughout the procedure.  

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH) Multan

Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital is the best hospital in Multan for ENT treatment. They treat people of all ages suffering from any disease related to the ear, nose, and throat. And have established an ENT clinic for the better treatment of patients with superlative equipment for diagnosis. They do a microscopic evaluation of the ear and also do hearing screening tests for newborns. They also provide therapy services for children with speech issues.

Conditions treated by an ENT specialist at MASH

There are some conditions that are only treated by an ENT specialist. Even if you go to your primary physician he or she will refer you to an ENT specialist for the treatment. These are some most common conditions treated by an ENT specialist:

Chronic ear infections

Ear infections can be painful and can cause serious damage to your ear. Some people are more likely to get infected, especially children. Children are usually more prone to infection. The problem is they are unable to tell exactly what they feel. Sometimes ear infections are by any other ailment like flu or fever. Ear infections can be agonizing and can further cause temporary or impaired hearing loss, headache, and swelling.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital has the latest technology to treat such issues. They have modern equipment for newborn hearing screenings and to treat children with ear infections. This is the best hospital in Multan for ENT treatment because they have Multan’s first ISO-approved laboratory to perform accurate tests.

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Hearing loss

If you are experiencing rapid hearing loss, you should visit an ENT specialist. Hearing loss can lead to complete deafness and can become a disability for life. Mukhtar A. Sheikh has started their flagship program, the cochlear implant program to help children who are born with hearing loss. They provide this service to underprivileged children free of cost. This makes MASH the best hospital in Multan and one of the best hospitals in Pakistan.

Sore throat or tonsillitis

Sore throat and tonsillitis are other issues treated by an ENT specialist. Tonsillitis is an issue, if it gets worse it needs surgery. Many people think that ENT specialists cannot perform surgeries. But any surgery related to the ear, nose, and throat is performed by an ENT specialist. MASH has experienced surgeons and has advanced surgical instruments.

These services make Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital the best hospital in Multan for ENT treatment and one of the best hospitals in Pakistan.   

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