Top 5 eCommerce Mobile App Development Trends of 2022

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When Michael Aldrich invented Ecommerce (electronic shopping), no one expected that 12-24 million people would implement this way of doing business. And it was not an act of a magician. It took a million dreams to convert into reality through an eCommerce business. It took years of understanding and applying different strategies to make it work. Because Ecommerce is an industry that constantly evolves according to the audience’s needs. 

Ecommerce has proved to be a boon in hard times like Covid. The world was suffering from a global crisis, but eCommerce businesses were spreading their wings and delivering essentials through roads and drones. And all this was possible because of the trust people had in eCommerce stores.

To gain and maintain the trust of their customers, eCommerce store owners follow many trends and apply many strategies to give their consumers the luxury of convenience and speed. And when we talk about convenience, making a mobile app for your E-store comes first on the to-do list. Because let us accept the fact that no one would open their laptops when they can use the same functions from their mobile phones. Let me give you more reasons for it:

Reasons To Develop A Mobile App For Your Ecommerce Store

  • Improves user experience
  • Reduces cart abandonment rates
  • Provides better personalization
  • Enhances customer loyalty
  • Provides push notification for better marketing 
  • Offers latest technologies
  • Provides the comfort of a screen
  • Offers offline usage
  • Increases engagement rates

Do you know that mobile apps may grow by $3.56 trillion by the end of 2022? And to take all the benefits of that, your Ecommerce mobile apps also need strategies to engage the maximum attention and increase revenue. And applying the latest trends is the best strategy you can implement. Thus, in this article, I have mentioned some of the trends below, that an Ecommerce business owner should consider following in mobile apps for 2022. And to implement these trends in your eCommerce app, you can hire eCommerce mobile app developer and make your app up-to-date with current trends.

eCommerce Mobile App Development Trends of 2022

Voice-Based Purchases

71% of consumers prefer voice search more than the traditional typing one. The use of voice assistants is multiplying every day. Thus, companies are implementing voice-based purchase features in their eCommerce app. This way, they can provide convenience to their consumers who are not tech-savvy. They just need to use their voice and place their orders. This way businesses can increase their revenue.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is among the most significant trends in Ecommerce development. This technology helps your business to give relevant product suggestions to the customer based on their prior purchases and searches. It also helps in providing efficient customer service. You can rely on an AI chatbot 24/7 to help your customers with any queries. You just need to fill in the questions and answers into the AI chatbot system. 

So, whenever your customer will need assistance, your chatbot can assist them by answering their common questions. If there is a query that needs a representative to solve, then the chatbot will form a ticket and assign it to the belonging representative. Additionally, the sales & marketing team uses AI for implementing intelligent automation tools to bring more engagement and sales to the company. 

To get all the benefits of this technology, you just need to hire an eCommerce app developer. They will make sure your app is stuffed with all the required features and will enable all the latest technologies too.

Social Commerce

How can we forget this trend? In the era where people are using their social media for almost everything, you cannot miss on keeping your eCommerce app on social media. You can build an account and a community on social media from where customers can directly navigate to your apps. For this, you can add different links for different sections of your app. This way, customers can open the link and purchase their favourite items from your app. Social commerce often leads to higher sales as it is the best place to influence the audience into purchasing products, interacting with your business, etc.


The implementation of AR (Augmented Reality) is increasing rapidly. Ecommerce apps are using this technology to give a 3D view of their products to the customers. This technology helps to give a detailed look of the product with the chosen background to the customer before purchase. For example, if you own an eCommerce business where you sell furniture goods, then you can implement AR to let the customers see how the product (chairs, tables, etc.) will look in their home’s interior. 

Many giants like Airbnb, Apple, Lenskart, etc., have already implemented this technology. To implement this technology in your app, you can hire an eCommerce mobile app developer and they will take care of the rest.

Personalized Experiences

When we say personalization, its meaning does not just end on personalized products or services, but the whole experience. When you provide personalized experiences to customers, they are likely to stay loyal to your brand. And with your Ecommerce app, providing personalization becomes easy. You can offer them personalized dashboards where they can choose themes and colours for specific sections. You can allow them to save the items for later purchases. 

Customers prefer apps that save their addresses and payment methods with security for further purchases. This way, they do not have to enter the details every time. You can even send them a personalized email and push notifications about deliveries, product launches, ongoing sales or offers, or just a catching-up notification. You can also provide them with personalized suggestions. Your app will automatically suggest the products and services to the customers by analyzing their interests. This will depend on their previous orders, searches, and clicks. This way they will get relevant content according to their interests. 

Do not forget the post-purchase emails saying thank you and offering a code to apply for availing discounts on the next purchase. All this will make them engage in your brand more and eventually, you will receive high sales.


To make your business relevant in the current market and stand aside from the crowd, it is important to implement these trends and technologies to your eCommerce app. These trends will make sure you are able to provide comfort to your customers with all the latest technologies. To implement all the above trends in your eCommerce app, you can hire an eCommerce app developer. They will help you with all the relevant implementations as per your business needs and goals.


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