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Teachers and Educators’ Favorite Online Whiteboard Tools

Are you looking for a means to teach or study remotely through the use of an online whiteboard? Your live broadcasts might use some polishing. Numerous online whiteboard technologies are available for live streaming and producing video material.

Utilizing a whiteboard tool can assist you in creating a more participative experience for your viewers, but it can also assist you in efficiently maintaining your audience.

Live streaming, online courses, the salinization of traditional education, and the gamification of digital classrooms have all contributed to the global market for interactive whiteboards reaching $1.9 billion in 2019.

A virtual whiteboard can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom, including as a tool for teaching or coaching, as well as for training and development.

Is it possible to use an online whiteboard tool?

Simply put, an online whiteboard application serves as a substitute for a physical whiteboard. Instead of erasable markers, you can draw on the surface with your mouse or your hands.

We can do the same tasks with a virtual whiteboard as we would with a physical whiteboard (teaching, scribbling points, presenting ideas, and so on).

An online whiteboard that enables you to deliver presentations and elaborate on your ideas. The online whiteboard has benefitted remote learning, coaching, and even live broadcasting significantly.

What purpose does an online whiteboard serve?

Whether an app or a browser-based whiteboard, it enables real-time visual communication, which is critical for practically any digital creator or customer

A whiteboard tool online can be used for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Online education
  • Coaching and training through the internet.
  • Virtual gatherings that foster collaboration
  • a live feed

Are you seeking some of the best online whiteboard tools? Consider the following list as a starting point for developing engaging and groundbreaking online experiences:

The Two Best Online Education Whiteboard Apps


Dojoit There is a variety of online whiteboard choices. I feel that Dojoit is the simplest whiteboard that doubles as a workspace. A quick and easy way to illustrate your story! A flexible solution for creating, sharing, and collaborating on boards. It is a collaborative whiteboard tool for groups of any size. It enables groups that are geographically separated to broaden their viewpoints and collaborate as if they were in person. Dojoit is perfect for ideation, brainstorming, team meetings, interactive workshops, mapping, and diagramming. Sign up and get started with your team as soon as possible!

Online whiteboard

It’s a digital whiteboard where corporations may showcase their best ideas. Regardless of your location, collaborate and brainstorm in real-time as a team. Collaborate with your team and all of your artwork during brainstorming sessions, design reviews, and creative presentations. Begin by generating original ideas, then assembling and executing them.

Consider more than simply drawing and pasting sticky notes. It enables users to organize their thoughts and scribbles into presentation-ready concepts. When the time comes to take the next step, businesses can expand their processes and procedure files in order to transform concepts into realities. There are integrations, sticky notes, freehand drawing, chat, templates, color, and form, among other features.

For a variety of reasons, took the #1 spot on this list. To begin, it is a Kahoot organization, which means you can expect high-quality results. Second, it simplifies the process of producing captivating and interactive whiteboards to the level of composing an email.

Not only does it enable you to quickly create a whiteboard for your class (or live broadcast), but it also enables others to effortlessly join your digital classroom or session. To join, simply share the link, assign a room access code to your visitors or students, or ask them to scan a QR code with their mobile device.

Following your registration, each of your viewers will obtain their own whiteboard, which you can monitor in real-time.

This tool can be used to conduct formative assessments, exams, provide live feedback, and engage your audience visually. Its free plan provides temporary housing without the need to register. Upgrade to receive access to more features such as uploading PDFs, inviting co-teachers, and assigning, receiving, and reviewing entries.

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